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To Do: Master Bedroom & Bathroom

The master bathroom remodel is HAPPENING, and since it’s making the bedroom dusty, it’ll be updated too. (We’re camped out in the guest room for now.) I’ve got plumbing and electrical estimates, a tile plan, and a carpenter ready to help out as needed.

I’m going to track things a bit more closely now that big changes will be going on (and since we’ve got a deadline), so I’ve made a list to help me keep things moving…

Master Bathroom:

  • Obtain permit from city.
  • Demolish everything! (Almost done!)
  • Install all new plumbing/fixtures. (Got estimate!)
  • Update electrical & add outlets/lights. (Got estimate!)
  • Install sheetrock & paint.
  • Build new shower.
  • Tile shower, walls and floor. (Tile selected!)
  • Replace door, including new hinges & knob.
  • Install new window. (Ordered!)
  • Install vanity with sink & cabinet. (Delivered!)
  • Hang mirror. (Delivered!)
  • Install toilet paper holder. (Delivered!)
  • Hang hooks.
  • Add finishing touches!

Master Bedroom:

  • Order new bed. (Piper from Room & Board.)
  • Order new mattress. (Tuft & Needle or Casper?)
  • Install two new windows. (Ordered!)
  • Update electrical, including new outlets by bed.
  • Repair walls, as needed, and paint.
  • Buy two nightstands.
  • Hang TV & try white console table under it.
  • Install double closet doors (including all hardware).
  • Switch main door from pocket to standard door.
  • Hang window shades and/or curtains.
  • Update dresser.
  • Hang new light fixture.
  • Add finishing touches!

I’m probably forgetting something, but it covers a lot of ground, so time to cross things off! 😀