To Do List: Front of the House

I blogged this list originally here and am crossing things off as we go on this page to keep track.

Living Room:

  • Add sectional. (Delivery should be soon!)
  • Finish up & paint built-in bookcases white.
  • Touch up grey paint on fireplace around mantel.
  • Install & paint trim around small doorway.
  • Paint & install baseboards.
  • Add new rug + rug pad.
  • Move coffee table & TV stand back into living room.
  • Set up TV stuff & surrounded sound.
  • Move books onto bookcases.
  • Decorate the fireplace/mantel.
  • Setup fireplace stuff (tools & log storage).
  • Add trim around large doorway (or sliding doors?)
  • Plan/shop for/hang wall art.
  • Install curtains/panels at sliding door.
  • Shop for console table & an end table.
  • Shop for chair for near sliding door/fireplace corner.


  • Pick out tile & have installed, along with baseboards.
  • Paint & install new coat closet door, including new hinges & knob.
  • Have painters minimize texture/repair, then paint.
  • Clean out & organize closet.
  • Replace overhead light.
  • Hang mirror or artwork.
  • Update light switches.

Dining Room:

  • Move out the temporary living room setup, so it can be a dining room.
  • Add dining table. (Delivery later this month!)
  • Order dining chairs.
  • Create coffee bar. (This will require its own to do list soon.)
  • Hire electrician to move overhead light & add outlets.
  • Install two curtain rods & hang two layers of new curtains.
  • Move sideboard into room & setup.
  • Plan/shop for wall art.


  • Have painters repair texture where needed & paint.
  • Paint new linen closet doors & add knobs.
  • Replace all doors, including hinges & knobs.
  • Hang gallery wall of photos.
  • Replace overhead light.
  • Replace doorbell.
  • Update light switches.