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The Pretty Little Liars Meet ‘A’ [S06E10]

Soooooooo, the PLL mid-season finale was Tuesday, and well… that sure was an episode. Other than the ‘A’ reveal, it was so much talking, remembering, showing flashbacks, and explaining, that it felt basically like there was no action or tension. Not great. But still. Ridiculous + confusing + cute outfits, so I stayed glued to my TV. And I’m still sort of feeling the “holy shit” like I was on Tuesday.

Anyway, here’s what happened:

The girls left the dance, and went to the mystery scholarship office and guessed the code on a door keypad which ended up being “A’s brain” (secret lair) & it’s total high tech lab situation. There’s some CNN-style holographic bullshit screen in there! And it fired up a live feed of the room where Alison is trapped.


Mona continued to be a total boss:

Aria, about Clark: “You knew he was a cop?”
Mona: “Aria, maybe you always thought he was happy to see you, but I could never get past the bulge in his pants.”
(He had a gun. 😂)

She also wrote some code to access the PRIVATE CELLULAR NETWORK belonging to “Charles” (OH OKAY) and spared a moment to compliment his investment skills (because she totally hacked into his portfolio).

Time for the big ‘A’ reveal! 

After being taken from prom at the end of the last episode, Alison is locked in a room at Radley WITH ‘A’… AHH! Her dad & brother, Jason, are lying on the ground nearby and look totally dead (but who knows).

A is CeCe! What!

FYI: ‘A’ is CeCe Drake! Formerly Charles DiLaurentis, then Charlotte DiLaurentis, then ignored/pissed enough to create a fake identity, harass everyone for years, kill, and date her own secret-bro as part of a scheme. (DID THEY HAVE SEX?!)


So, back to the ‘A’ reveal… the villain is a mentally disturbed transgender person? Seems rude. And also, due to the timing, it seems questionable that they planned this from the beginning. Although they did have a bunch of twin hints throughout the show (but I thought they might just be referencing the books a bit to throw readers off).

I’d be really interested to know WHEN they decided who ‘A’ would be because this is definitely suspect… CeCe hasn’t been around in forever. Honestly, I had to look her up to even remember who she was.

Anyway! While they’re locked in the room in Radley together, ‘A’ (Charles/Charlotte/CeCe) explains lots of stuff to Alison while the girls watch on the live feed.

Young Alison with two dresses!

Apparently, Mrs. D started buying Charles the same dresses she bought for Alison and bringing them to him at Radley. When Charles was around 12, he was friends with a fellow patient (Bethany!) who killed another patient by shoving her off the roof. (Why would mental patients have unsupervised access to the roof?!) Also, that patient was Toby’s mom, who was reported to have committed suicide, and Bethany threatened to blame it on Charles. And thus began whatever psychotic hold Bethany had on his life. Also, at some point, they held a funeral for Charles (allowing Mr. D to believe he’d actually died, but really celebrating Charles becoming Charlotte).


Meanwhile, in Radley, Alison is confused about why Charlotte/CeCe targeted her and her friends so ruthlessly.

Alison: “You almost froze Aria & Spencer to death.”
A: “Almost!”

Alison: “You drove a car through Emily’s house.”
A: “Yeah, and I almost cut her in half too, but is she hurt? No.”

So I guess she didn’t plan to actually kill them so it’s fine? She loves them! But she has a weird way of showing it, OKAY!

While they’re chatting in Radley more (zzzzzzz), we find out how Charles ended up being sent to Radley as a little kid in the first place: Baby Alison was crying and he said, “You know what makes me feel better?” sweetly and ran her a bath. He dropped her in, and since she was an infant, she went under the water and would’ve died if their dad hadn’t found them. I’m not sure what they were going for in this scene because he seemed like he was trying to take care of her (and even tried to get his mom’s attention when the crying started), but then he stared creepily when she was under the water and when their dad was saving her. So…

In present time, Charlotte/CeCe says she never meant to hurt Alison and that their dad used it as an excuse to send her (Charles) away because Charles had started asking for dresses and their dad didn’t like it.

‘A’/Charlottte/CeCe goes on to explain how eventually she found a way to get to know her siblings… She got day passes out of Radley for attending classes, but instead met Jason and Alison (as CeCe, not their sister) and became close to both of them. (Remember the eps with flashbacks to Alison being BFFs with CeCe? Oooooh.) 

Meanwhile, Bethany was still murder-y and threatening them, so at some point Charlotte thought her mom’s life was at risk and found Bethany sneaking around outside of the DiLaurentis house and hit her over the head with a rock. Except, surprise! It was Alison (who I guess looks like Bethany from behind) and that’s what kicked off this whole big mystery! The night Alison went missing!

After Charlotte appeared to have killed Alison, their mom BURIED HER while Charlotte looked on asking for forgiveness. And girrrrrl, you should let your mom finish burying your sister before you ask her to get over it.

After they’ve buried Alison, Mrs. D paid off a police offer (future, awful cop Wilden!) to sneak Charlotte back into Radley so no one will know she was out to kill Ali. (Even though, surprise! Ali wasn’t actually dead. Check a pulse next time, ladies!)

So Wilden always knew CeCe was a DiLaurentis in disguise because he’d met her as Charlotte that night! And he screwed with the girls & tried to arrest them for things he knew they weren’t doing! What a jerk. Well, good for him, because Charlotte killed him later to keep him quiet.

Oh, and Mona killed Bethany with a shovel, thinking it was her former school bully, Alison. Lots of deadly teen girls around Rosewood!

Anyway, Charlotte/CeCe spent time with Mona when she was in Radley and super out of it. Drugged Mona unknowingly told CeCe a ton of info on the girls and kicked off the whole ‘A’ texting, stalking awful behavior.

And just when CeCe seems maybe less crazy and more a victim of circumstance & bad decisions, she says this stuff:

“I know you won’t believe me, but I love all of my dolls.(Dolls! Like when they were locked in that dollhouse bunker. NO THANKS!)

“I would never let anything really bad happen to them… it sucks to kill someone even when they deserve it.” (Oh, I bet.)

And Bunker-Sara, Emily’s ridiculous new love interest, is Red Coat! Remember that excessively veiled person at Weldon’s funeral? Also Bunker-Sara! With ‘A’/Charlotte/CeCe in the car waiting for confirmation that he was dead (so he wouldn’t be able to stop Alison from returning/being alive again.)

At present, she’s been directed to set a bomb at Radley to blow up the DiLaurentis family, including ‘A,’ post-reveal. First, DUH EMILY. SHE WAS SO OBVIOUSLY WEIRD AROUND YOU. And second, like Spencer can’t easily disarm a bomb and ruin your plans! 😂 The day is saved!

Next we fast forward to Labor Day and see the girls saying goodbye as they head off to college. Except Alison is staying home and looks like their sad, frumpy mother sending them away to school.

At the very end, we see our first glimpse of the time jump to five years in the future. Alison is in a classroom writing a name on the chalkboard. The rest of the girls run in and look worried/say some weird stuff: “He’s coming for you.” / “We have to go.” / “We came back for you, Alison, so move it!” / “Too late, he’s already here.” So basically: WTFFFFFFF!?

Oh, and the moms are still locked in the DiLaurentis basement from prom night as far as we know. If they didn’t get out before the time jump, they’re totally bones now.


Check out the whole season so far in recaps on this Pretty Little Liars page. It’s been great. Remember the tennis ball wearing a wig? CLASSIC CECE.

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