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Teens, Windows 95, and Hey, I’m Old

OMG. Watching these teenagers check out Windows 95, or even just figure out how to turn on the computer, is hilarious and also disturbing because Windows 95 wasn’t even my first operating system and they think it’s so old. (Basically: hi, kids. I’m your grandma.)

My first home computer was Packard Bell 386 running MS-DOS and used floppy discs. I can still remember going to Circuit City to pick it up in 1990. I was so, so excited. And considering how much that computer changed my life, and how much subsequent computers have meant to me, I’d have to say that was one of the best days of my life so far.

Within weeks I was playing my very first computer game: Leisure Suit Larry, quite possibly the most inappropriate game for an 8-year-old in existence at the time, and typing up my first family newsletter that I mailed to all of my relatives because they totally needed updates on my new haircut, the winner of my school’s spelling bee, and a kid’s hot takes on local news. Yeah, I’ve been a nerd forever.

2 thoughts on “Teens, Windows 95, and Hey, I’m Old”

  1. I remember the whole prompt existence on an Apple IIe and Atari PCs. It was a handed-down greyscale 386 laptop with Windows 3.1 that I spent the most time with back in the day. The memories!

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