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Week of Sandwiches with a Side of Wisdom

Confession: We recently ate fajitas for dinner 4-5 times per week for four weeks in a row. They’re really delicious and we bought quality ingredients, so it was pretty great. But it was time to change it up, so: sandwiches! All week.    Until recently we’d tried to rotate between so many dinner ideas and constantly change things up. But then one day we admitted we both really love Tex-Mex and the fajita streak was born. (We printed the same grocery list each week! So easy and saved a lot of time!) This week we decided to focus on limiting cooking time so we could spend it elsewhere (like our bathroom remodel and work-ish side projects), so sandwiches happened. And they’re delicious, too. What I’m saying is: cut yourself some slack sometimes. You’re not running a restaurant with a seasonal menu inspired by your early morning trip to the docks. Who cares if you eat a zillion fajitas or require extra bread for the week?  I’ve become really good at treating myself right and I …

Dutch Baby is Delicious, a Recipe

I ate a Dutch Baby today… but I promise that’s less horrifying than it sounds. Also, less Dutch because Dutch people don’t even know what you’re talking about if you say you’re making one. (I’m married to a Dutch person. He made it, but had never had it before because it’s not actually Dutch.) Apparently it’s a German Pancake, except it’s actually from German immigrants who were mistakenly referred to as Dutch when they got to America. (Don’t even get me started on that.) What I’m saying is this is basically an old timey American-made pancake pretending to be European. Also, it’s delicious. The edges are a nice, flakey pastry while the inside layers are a bit custardy. It looked so fluffy coming out of the oven: We followed this video recipe from Food Wishes and it worked like a charm. I’ve added a text version, including our notes, below so you can try it too. Yum!

Taco Salad & Tomatillo Ranch Dressing

I tracked my food on MyFitnessPal for several months last year and with minimal effort (and mostly eating the things I love), I saw some solid results. I didn’t really cut things entirely out of my diet, but the portions were carefully considered and smaller, and I combined things differently each day to find a better balance. I’m getting back in the swing of things again now and remembered this salad is pretty great for something that involves lettuce. The Texan in me loves all things Tex-Mex, so this Taco Salad is just my kind of thing, in spite of still being a salad. To make one yourself, combine some lettuce, tomatoes, canned black beans, roasted corn, avocado, cilantro, cheese, tortilla chips, and grilled chicken (with taco seasoning, if you’d like). Top it with your dressing of choice, like Blendtec’s Tomatillo Ranch. (This one’s a great option because it’s delicious & is only 20 calories for 2 tablespoons.) Taco Salad with Blendtec's Tomatillo Ranch Dressing (2T = 20 calories). A post shared by Sarah Blackstock (@sarahblackstock) on Aug 3, 2015 at …

Chat & Cookies & Plans

I snacked on some treats from a recent Try the World delivery today while helping users in live chat. Pictured: Chocolate Truffles from Truffette de France (Canada), Orange Gingersnaps from Nyåkers (Sweden), Sablés à la confiture d’Abricot from Orientines (Morocco). I’ll share a full review of the subscription box soon. This morning the plumbers came by and disconnected a gas line from an old built-in gas heater and removed the wall-mounted toilet from the master bathroom. Both had been there since 1960. I’ve been really nervous to start the bathroom renovation, because water & pipes & mystery, I guess, but there’s no turning back now. (Ahh!) This weekend I’m going to go check out a few bathroom vanities I’ve seen online to see if I want to buy one of them, because I’d really rather cross them off the list if they’re a no go and move on. It’s all happening now! Keep my bathroom & bank account in your thoughts. 😉

Burger BFF

My BFF is visiting from Austin for a few days, so of course that means a whole lot of talking, lounging, and eating extra-delicious food. We went out for my favorite local pizza (Cane Rosso) right after I got her from the airport, and tonight we went to Liberty Burger for The Nooner: It has hashbrowns on it! And an egg! OMG it’s so good! And tomorrow before she leaves we’re hitting the amazing BBQ place nearby (One90) and my favorite bakery (Haute Sweets Patisserie) that’s right next door. After I drop her off at the airport tomorrow afternoon, I’ll try to remember what a vegetable is again. Promise. 😉

Breakfast in Dallas: Good 2 Go Taco

We finally got a chance to try Good 2 Go Taco on Peavy in northeast Dallas (in the White Rock Lake area) and it did not disappoint. We tried a breakfast taco, and one of their breakfast plates (with pulled pork). And Cultivar Coffee has a counter inside so we grabbed a cappuccino and a cold brew iced coffee too. All recommended! Grabbed breakfast at Good 2 Go Taco & tried @cultivarcoffee yesterday. YES to both. Will be back often. 🙌🏼 A post shared by Sarah Blackstock (@sarahblackstock) on Sep 27, 2015 at 1:58pm PDT