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New YouTube Fav: Home Tours!

I don’t know why I never thought to check YouTube for them, but OMG I just found out people post home tour videos there. It’s like MTV Cribs but way better! They’re real houses and you can totally snoop without having to go visit anyone! And because it’s YouTube, there are SO MANY. Here, fall down the hole with me:

Support Feminist Frequency’s Ordinary Women

Have you seen the crowdfunding campaign for Ordinary Women: Daring to Defy History? It’s a new video series by Feminist Frequency “about challenging stereotypes, smashing the status quo, and being defiant.” And I really, really hope it gets funded. We’re overdue for telling history in a way that truly and completely includes women, beyond their roles on the sideline. (Speaking of history, I really hope the National Women’s History Museum becomes a reality soon, too.) Check Ordinary Women and donate!

Your Yoga Valentine

Adriene’s channel is my favorite yoga spot on the web, and this Yoga For Love session is perfect for Valentine’s Day weekend. Take a break sometime soon and practice self care. (More ideas for how to do that here.) It’ll make you feel better. Promise.