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How to Schedule Your Tasks with Calendar Blocks by

How to Schedule Your Tasks with Calendar Blocks

As I’ve settled into my work at Automattic as a Happiness Engineer for, which is remote and requires self-discipline and managing my own time well, I’ve tried several different methods of scheduling my tasks and keeping track of my time. I used this method of calendar blocks for several months very successfully. (The past few months I’ve been trying a more digital bullet journal-type method, which I’ll share the details of soon, in case you’re not a calendar person.) Mapping out your day with calendar blocks isn’t anything fancy, but it can definitely get the job done if you’re needing to assign tasks to the hours of your day to stay on top of things. This quote basically explains why it works: “When it comes to task completion the major difference between a calendar and a to-do-list is that the calendar accounts for time. Youโ€™re forced to work within the constraints of the 24 hours that you have. Not only that, given that there are only 24 hours it also reduces the paradox of …

Top Tips for Working Remotely

If you work remotely or have considered it, you’ve most likely seen lots of advice about how to do it successfully, including how you should dress like you’re going into an office or have a whole room dedicated for your office space. And you know what? I don’t agree. I’ve worked remotely successfully for over two years now (currently: at Automattic for, and the secret is: Do what works best for you. Try lots of variations until you get the right combination, and then be willing to change it up once those things aren’t working as well for you anymore. Here are my top tips for how to work from home: Wear whatever you want! Take advantage of not having to go into an office and dress however you’re most comfortable while working. Do you need the structure of a business casual outfit to get in the right mindset? Fine. But if you don’t? Get cozy! My loungewear and sweatpants collection has expanded vastly over the past two years. When they became my work …

Life Update: 33 for a day

I’ve been 33 for over 24 hours now, and listen: The first time I put on a shirt as a 33-year-old, it was inside out and I didn’t notice until hours later when my mom told me. #workfromhomelife I registered this domain on my birthday:ย I tweeted about my favorite Text Expander snippet like the super cool human being that I am. “Favorite snippet” is… ๐Ÿ˜‚ PS: My BFF posted a gif-y bday post for me over on our blog, She’s great & thinks I’m great, so… ๐ŸŽ‰