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Tina Belcher Learns to Drive

If you aren’t a Bob’s Burgers fan yet, please watch this video and rectify that immediately.

If you’ve already done that, here’s what I wrote about this week in case you want to catch up:


Reminders & Tips for Life

One of the absolute best parts of being an adult for me has been knowing myself so well, fully accepting who I am, and being happy about it. It’s awesome. There’s no reason to worry about what someone else is thinking about me and I’ve got zero hours to dedicate to not doing exactly what I want to be doing. This has gotten even easier in my thirties.

So, here’s my quick & simple advice for living a great life, being cool with who you are, and finding your slice of happiness:

I don't have any weaknesses gifFirst, stop thinking and saying negative things about yourself. Guilty pleasures? You don’t have any! There’s no reason to have guilt over watching a long-running TV drama or reading regency romance or whatever you prefer.

You like what you like & that’s awesome. (Hi, I still watch Grey’s Anatomy. Also, I’ve read dozens of romance novels this year and they’re fantastic.)

Also, basically always do this:

And say what you want:

Nicki Minaj speak your mind gif

Bitch? Please, like you care if some jerk calls you that. Pfft. Never be silenced.

And take Tina Belcher’s advice:

Believe you're beautiful Tina Belcher gif

Think great things about yourself. That totally makes them true! You’ve got a life to live… no time for making yourself feel bad.

Also, sometimes boys are great (if you’re into that sort of thing), but…

It’s best to be good at being alone and taking care of yourself rather than waiting around for a dude to validate your life. (This is easier when you’ve got an awesome BFF, so find your platonic life partner ASAP. It’s a game changer.)


Nicki Minaj winning is my protocol gif

Work hard, make things happen, ask for help when you need it, be positive, don’t hate on yourself, never give up, and WIN AT LIFE. It’s protocol.

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Tina Belcher, Role Model

(You watch Bob’s Burgers, right?)

TinaBelcher I don't need a boy to pay attention to me gif

Tina Belcher I'll pay attention to myself gif


(Spotted this on Kim’s tumblr & couldn’t resist!)

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Since I shared my iPhone homescreen recently, I thought I’d also share a photo of the computer I spend so much time on (professionally & personally). I’ve definitely met people based on them spotting a sticker they like, so I recommend this approach if you wouldn’t mind strangers chatting with you randomly.

Stickers on my MacBook Pro

Most of the stickers on my MacBook Pro are from Redbubble and CafePress, except the WordPress ones, the Twitter bird, and the GitHub girl.

See: feminist heartLeslie Knope</patriarchy>Tina BelcherVeronica MarsBuffyDFTBAGitHub girlbooks.

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Comic Book, Cookies, Coffee

On the eve of my thirty-third birthday, three things I love:

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Tina Belcher is the absolute best.

You watch Bob’s Burgers, right?

Here! Reasons!

Even if you don’t want to watch for the awesome feminism & great teen girl portrayal, it’s just plain funny & the whole family is fantastic.