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Obama and Biden walk the White House lawn

Biden Says Let’s Keep Marching

One of the things I’ll miss most about President Obama being in office is the obvious friendship, brotherhood, and admiration that exists between Obama and Biden. Vice President Biden shared this today: For eight years, I’ve had the privilege to stand with my friend and brother, to fight alongside him to make sure every single American has a chance to get ahead. I really mean it when I say Barack is one of the finest presidents we have ever had…. I’ve been so proud to stand side-by-side with Barack on our march toward a more perfect union. Let’s keep marching. Read the entire lovefest on his Facebook page here.

Foreign Policy 101

This presidential primary hasn’t seemed to have spent enough time talking about the candidates and foreign policy as far as I can tell, and that’s a really key part of what a president does. Crash Course is great at explaining why it’s really important.

Trump, African President

I was (and remain, at least a little) skeptical of Trevor Noah taking over as host for The Daily Show. But he’s doing well so far & this piece was a little bit of brilliance that we likely wouldn’t have gotten without this exact host making this particular personal connection: Donald Trump: America’s African President.

Future Debates.

I’m a huge nerd for politics (and even went to university for it), so of course I watched the GOP Debate on Fox News tonight. That sure was a lot of dudes on one stage. There’s so, so much to say about it, but everything’s been said on Twitter already. See: #GOPDebate. Also, this: 😂

Obama’s Just Trolling My Dad Now

Listen, I’m pretty sure one item on fourth-quarter-Obama’s Presidential To Do List says “troll Sarah’s dad” because: “I actually think I’m a pretty good president. I think if I ran, I would win.” CNN’s headline interpretation of that makes it even better: I could win 3rd term if I ran again. Look out, King Obama’s on his way! MY DAD CAN’T HANDLE THIS, Y’ALL. 😂😂😂

Bernie Sanders!

Bernie Sanders filled a stadium with 10,000+ people tonight in Madison, Wisconsin, while another 8,000+ watched the livestream. His speech was honest, blunt, and what a lot of people need to hear. So:! View post on Think the media will pay him the appropriate attention now?