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I started a podcast!


Hi! I started a podcast with my longtime BFF, Kim. It’s called Hey, Bestie! and we chat about pop culture, things we love (or hate) feminism, and modern life.

And there are already four episodes up! So far we’ve talked about bullet journaling, The Rock running for president, shows you should never binge watch, romance novels, and more.

Go to HeyBestie.com for more info and ways to listen or hop right over to iTunes.

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Aisha Tyler @ Podcast Movement

Aisha Tyler at Podcast Movement 2015

I saw Aisha Tyler speak this afternoon to close out the day¬†at Podcast Movement and she did not disappoint. She’s smart, funny, and awesome.

Here are a few of my favorite bits, compiled with the help of Twitter as she spoke:

“Be relentless in pursuing something that delights you.”