Self-Care: Ideas For Home and Work

Whether you work from home or go into an office every day, self-care is important. I’ve worked remotely for over four years now, and while it has many perks and works very well for me, sometimes it can be easy to fall into the trap of not quite doing enough to take care of myself. The lack of commute or excessively early wake time give me enough of a break that I forget other aspects of remote work can make it necessary to take a breather and do something else.

Since I’m a firm believer in taking care of yourself and I’ve gotten to be quite good at it in my thirties, I’ve compiled a bunch of ideas for self-care to inspire you. Try the items listed here or use it as a jumping off point to make your own list.

Ideas for Self-Care at Home:

  • Get comfortable & listen to an audiobook or podcast.
  • Read for pleasure. (Try a romance novel, if you haven’t before!) 
  • Take a bath by candlelight.
  • Prepare an elaborate, delicious meal for yourself.
  • Keep a journal of lists of things that make you happy.
  • Stretch, meditate, or do yoga.
  • Bake yourself a treat and don’t skimp on the decorations.
  • Make something with your hands.
  • Stay in bed for 30 minutes after you wake up.
  • Have a 15 minute dance party with yourself.
  • Re-read/watch a favorite book/movie/show that makes you feel good. (I recommend Schitt’s Creek!)
  • Relax in a hammock or on a blanket spread over the grass.
  • Play a video or board game. (Animal Crossing is so cute and very relaxing.)
  • Declutter your house and make it more cozy.
  • Pet a dog.
  • Stare up at the sky. (Clouds or stars acceptable!)
  • Color.
  • Do a puzzle.
  • Exercise.
  • Write a letter to yourself or someone else.
  • Do a Random Act of Kindness.

Ideas for Self-Care Outside of Your House:

  • Go for a leisurely bike ride.
  • Treat yourself to a manicure, pedicure, haircut, and/or massage.
  • Go for a walk & take photos.
  • Take a class for a hobby. (Make sure it’s not related to your job!)
  • Eat at a favorite restaurant.
  • Spend a day being a tourist in your own city.
  • If you work remotely, spend a day coworking at a favorite local cafe.

Ideas for Self-Care During Your Workday:

  • Be mindful and set limits. (It’s okay to say no!) 
  • Ask for help when you need it.
  • Do nothing for two minutes. (Hands off your keyboard!)
  • Schedule time for yourself each day to do some of the items above.
  • If you work remotely, take a real lunch break. Log off, walk away from your computer, eat lunch, watch an episode of your latest Netflix binge, nap, do some stretches, and/or read a book. Basically, refresh for the rest of your day.

Start Your Self-Care Routine

Whatever you choose, find the types of self-care that help you feel the best and make them a regular part of your life. If you live by your calendar or have a to do list, add them in! I’m a bullet journaler, so I often include my self-care for the day in my BuJo, just like any other task I have to complete. Self-care isn’t less important than your other everyday tasks. Make it a priority!