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Master Bedroom: Plans!

We’re wrapping up our living room re-do right now (finishing painting the new built-in bookcases & installing trim and maybe a door), and our dining room is moving along nicely, so later this week the demo on the master bathroom will start. We’re going to also fix up the connected bedroom at the same time, since everything will be dusty and we won’t be able to sleep in there for a while anyway.

Here’s the barebones plan of what we’re going to do in the bedroom:

We’ve got the wood floor installed and will continue the trend of white walls & trim in the bedroom. We’re going to get the electrical updated (including adding some outlets in the nightstand area and making old ones safer), move the air conditioning vent from the wall into the ceiling, and have new windows installed. One full wall of sheetrock will have to be replaced, since it connects to the bathroom and has water damage (and we might tear down some others for better insulation purposes), then we’ll have the whole thing fixed up (texture-wise) and painted.

Once the basics are done, we’re considering the items pictured above to fill up the room. We already own the black dresser (Ikea Hemnes), which I might paint a lighter color (depending on the bedding I end up picking), and the white console table (also Ikea Hemnes), which will go under the TV (which is a must-have because I’m a total Netflix binging bed lounger). The curtains (Ikea Sanela) aren’t a sure thing, but I’m pretty into teal & velvet right now, so there’s a good chance I’ll get them (unless the bedding choice totally clashes & I need to pick a different color). The bed & nightstands are from Room & Board (Piper & Hudson, respectively). I might decide that’s too much to spend on nightstands though and find a cheaper option… not sure yet. The light fixture is School House Electric’s Brass City Chandelier and I love it, although I’m not sure it’ll work in the room yet, but I’m going to check!

And for the first time ever, we’ve sort of got a hard deadline on finishing a room. (Ahh!) Family will be visiting for a few weeks from The Netherlands in late April, so we’ll need to be out of the guest bedroom so they can use it, plus having two functioning bathrooms would be good since there will be four extra people in our house for a bit.

There. I’ve committed everything to paper (digitally, at least), and have a Pinterest board, so I can’t turn back now! More soon.