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Last Week Tonight on Congressional Fundraising

Last Week Tonight continues to do important work. In case I haven’t mentioned it enough times for you to remember that and/or you don’t have HBO and you keep forgetting to subscribe to their YouTube channel, HERE:

All together now: WTF?!

As a total government nerd (degree in it and all), I knew this, but seeing it in this neat little package was a nice reminder and I like that it’s information that can easily be shared with others. (Share it.)

We’ve got a problem, y’all, and our government needs fixing.

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Last Week Tonight on Trump

Fact: Trump Steaks were once sold at The Sharper Image.

Happy Super Tuesday eve, y’all!

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Abortion & Last Week Tonight

Did you watch John Oliver talk about abortion last night on HBO? It’s must-see (and he’s the best).

And it’s an important topic, especially if you’d hoped the abortion access matter was settled by the Supreme Court long ago and haven’t been paying attention to what’s going on in states across the country.

Because things like this are happening:

Abortion regulated like a sex offender?! Requiring birth when fetal anomalies exist?! Forced Ultrasound?! (And if you’re picturing the cute ultrasound with the little wand on the belly, think again. Have you heard of transvaginal ultrasounds? They’re not as simple or fun, especially not if you’re required to get one during an already traumatizing situation, like seeking an abortion after rape.)

And on March 2 the Supreme Court will be hearing Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, a case out of Texas (remember the one Wendy Davis filibustered a few years back?), and the outcome will impact Americans for a very long time.

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Revise Your Resolutions

John Oliver helps you revise the New Year’s resolutions you’ve already failed to keep. He’s nice that way. 😉

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Bye, Pennies

John Oliver explains out how pointless pennies are these days and how we spend too much money making them. He’s right and we should stop.

(Also, if you’re not already watching everything from Last Week Tonight, you should start. They post a bunch of clips on YouTube.)

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This is fantastic & important

You watch Last Week Tonight, right? (And if you don’t have HBO, you catch up on Youtube, right?) John Oliver is one of our best imports and the show is too brilliant to miss.

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Must Watch: Last Week Tonight

John Oliver‘s show, Last Week Tonight, became a must-watch as soon as the first episode aired and it’s only gotten better since. John Oliver is British and somehow manages to be able to use the word “we” when hilariously ripping into America without irritating me. He feels like part of the team & I’m happy to have him on ours. His show confronts important topics in a way that’s fun to watch and I really, really appreciate it.

Last Sunday’s piece on maternity leave is great. (Watch the video!)

If you don’t have HBO, subscribe to their YouTube channel and you’ll get a bunch of content for free that way. (I don’t see the whole segment for the Supreme Court Justice dogs on there though and that’s worth tracking down if you haven’t seen it yet. Total favorite forever.)