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Abortion & Last Week Tonight

Did you watch John Oliver talk about abortion last night on HBO? It’s must-see (and he’s the best).

And it’s an important topic, especially if you’d hoped the abortion access matter was settled by the Supreme Court long ago and haven’t been paying attention to what’s going on in states across the country.

Because things like this are happening:

Abortion regulated like a sex offender?! Requiring birth when fetal anomalies exist?! Forced Ultrasound?! (And if you’re picturing the cute ultrasound with the little wand on the belly, think again. Have you heard of transvaginal ultrasounds? They’re not as simple or fun, especially not if you’re required to get one during an already traumatizing situation, like seeking an abortion after rape.)

And on March 2 the Supreme Court will be hearing Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, a case out of Texas (remember the one Wendy Davis filibustered a few years back?), and the outcome will impact Americans for a very long time.

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Awkward Crushes and Amazing TV

Have you seen The Fall? Season two recently popped up on Netflix and OHMYWORD. I spent a day last weekend lounging in bed watching the whole thing. (Hey, it’s only 6 episodes!) It’s great TV. Gillian Anderson plays Stella Gibson beautifully. She’s a fantastic combination of tough and feminine that’s all too rare on television. She doesn’t “man up” to be good police. She wears silk blouses and has great hair, while also being recognized as a skilled detective.


If you’ve never seen any of it, you should watch this simple, intriguing teaser from before the first episode ever aired. And if you’ve seen season one, you should watch this one because season two has arrived and what are you waiting for?!

So what’s The Fall about? According to IMDB, it’s: “A psychological thriller that examines the lives of two hunters. One is a serial killer who stalks his victims in and around Belfast and the other is a talented Detective Superintendent from the MET who is brought in to catch him.” YES! EXACTLY! The show rotates between the view and life of the killer, and the detective tasked with catching him. One thing I love about the show is that the dark and light moments aren’t confined to the obvious sides of the story. The killer has a sweet daughter who allows him to be shown being a loving father, and the detective has her own issues that keep her from being all business.

Also, it’s set in Belfast, so that’s a nice change. Annnnnnnd I accidentally developed a crush on someone who is probably not supposed to be very crushworthy.

Knowing who the murderer is isn’t a spoiler, since the show lets the viewer in on it early on (long before the detectives are clued in), so I’ll just SPOIL IT for you, because the killer is played by Jamie Dornan using his actual Irish accent, and OH! Also, he’s fantastic and believable and just… SO GOOD.

But back to my crush. My BFF hasn’t seen the second season yet, but she totally understood my interested eyeball emoji:

Basically, this is me watching:




And also:


Seriously, he’s wearing all black + gloves + something over his face, so he’s obviously creepy. And yet… shrug. (And I didn’t even include any of the many shirtless gifs available on tumblr dot com, the world’s best source for finding hot people in gif form.)

Anyway! Now that we’ve established my killer-crush, I need to take a moment to acknowledge that one time I said, “He’s Christian Grey?!” like an idiot (and also because I think maybe the business-haircut he has in the Fifty Shades trailer is not his best look). But, pffft. Whatever hair, I’m there. And John Oliver’s #notmychristian is NOT. ACCURATE. (In spite of that, I highly recommend John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight. It’s smart and funny and all-around fantastic, as is he.)

So whether you’re looking for a smart, interesting show with epic darkness and a great representation of a badass, feminine lady-detective or a chance to make eyes at Jamie Dornan, THIS IS IT (and I happily enjoy it for all of the above reasons).

Never forget: