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I have a new bathroom, y’all!

Soooooooo, you may recall we’ve been working on a full bathroom remodel (like, the down to the studs, I could see the dirt under the house, city permit kind) and it’s ALMOST DONE. We’re being kinda lazy/slow about it right now, since we’re able to use it and it’s lovely and glorious in there, but will wrap it up fully soon.

So, here’s the list from a while back with lots of new lines crossing things off.

Master Bathroom To Do List:

  • Obtain permit from city.
  • Demolish everything!
  • Install all new plumbing/fixtures. 
  • Update electrical & add outlets/lights.
  • Install sheetrock & paint.
  • Build new shower.
  • Tile shower, walls and floor.
  • Replace door, including new hinges and knob. (Need to install knob!)
  • Install new window. 
  • Install vanity with sink & cabinet. 
  • Hang mirror.
  • Install toilet paper holder. 
  • Hang hooks.
  • Pass all city inspections. (One more to go!)
  • Add finishing touches!

As you can see, we’ve mostly cleared the original list. So, what’s left?

  • Touch up the wall paint.
  • Install baseboards and paint.
  • Paint door and window trim.
  • Install the door knob.
  • Add some art or something to the walls.
  • Hang a window treatment of some sort for privacy.
  • Decide on a shower door and order/install. (Using a curtain for now!)
  • Pass the final city inspection.

I’ll probably also pick out a small plant for the countertop and buy some new towels. 😀

So, now that I’ve recapped what we’ve done so far and what still needs to happen, let’s check out a quick reminder of what the bathroom used to look like:

OMG MY EYES. It was so small, and smelly, and leaky, and we never used it. And when I say “small” I feel like you’re not imagining how small. The photo on the left is the ENTIRE BATHROOM (the toilet is right behind that door) and I took the photo on the right while sitting on the counter because that was the only way to get the toilet and shower sort of in the photo because they were so close.

Now that we’ve given up two small closets to make the new shower and left the original square footage for only the vanity and toilet, it feels so spacious in there! And the shower is fantastic!

I mean, look at this:


Yay! That tile is perfection.

And a corner of the shower:


Love it in there! The shower is so nice and the drawers are soft close and sigh. It was sort of horrible and I had so many stress dreams and it’s not even done yet, but I’m a fan!

Full tour, details of what went right (and wrong!), and sources coming soon.

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Front of the House: Updated To Do

In an effort to keep myself honest about progress around the house, I’m sharing an updated to do list for the entire front of the house (minus the kitchen). I originally shared the list last November here, when I first made it. I’ve since added to it and recently have crossed several things off.

Seeing this progress happen (the living and dining rooms are soooooo close to being totally done!) while also working our way through a full master bath remodel feels great. Even when the bathroom is stressing me out, at least I can look around other parts of the house and feel good about the work. We’re making great progress and I love my house more and more.

So! Here’s the list…

Living Room:

  • Add sectional.
  • Finish up & paint built-in bookcases white. (Finished, now paint!)
  • Install & paint trim around small doorway. (Installed!)
  • Install & paint baseboards. (Installed!)
  • Add new rug + rug pad.
  • Move coffee table & TV stand into living room.
  • Set up TV stuff & surrounded sound.
  • Put books & things on bookcases. (When the paint dries!)
  • Decorate the fireplace/mantel. (Halfway done.)
  • Setup fireplace stuff, including tools (check!) & log storage.
  • Add trim around large doorway & paint.  (Installed!)
  • Plan/shop for/hang wall art.
  • Install curtain rod & curtains at sliding door.(After paint is done.)
  • Paint trim around sliding door. (This week!)
  • Shop for/build console table for behind couch.
  • Paint end table.
  • Shop for chair for near sliding door/fireplace corner.


  • Replace tile & baseboards. (Probably June.)
  • Replace trim around doorways.
  • Convert old door into Living Room into open doorway.
  • Paint & install new coat closet door/hardware.  (Friday!)
  • Have painters repair/texture/paint. (Probably in June.)
  • Clean out & organize closet. (Soon! I swear.)
  • Replace overhead light. (After paint.)
  • Hang mirror or artwork.
  • Update light switches. (After paint.)

Dining Room:

  • Move out the temporary living room setup, so it can be a dining room.
  • Add dining table.
  • Order dining chairs.
  • Create coffee bar. (In progress!) 
  • Install shiplap to wall behind coffee bar. (Friday!)
  • Hire electrician to move overhead light & add outlets. 
  • Install curtain rods & hang two layers of new curtains. (Hemming!)
  • Move sideboard into room & setup.
  • Plan/shop for/hang art. (In progress!)
  • Update switches & outlets.


  • Have painters repair/texture/paint. (Probably June.)
  • Paint new linen closet cabinet doors & add knobs.
  • Replace all doors, including hinges & knobs. (In progress!)
  • Hang gallery wall of photos. (After paint.)
  • Replace overhead light.
  • Replace doorbell.
  • Update light switches.

We’re working on getting lots of these things crossed off so we can start on the kitchen later this year. It’ll require its own giant list though. 😉

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Master Bathroom: Picking Everything Out


The house is looking a bit like a bathroom showroom right now with everything arriving but not having a bathroom to go into yet. We’ve settled on the white faceted subway tile for the shower walls and halfway up the walls all around the room, and maybe 2″ marble hex tile for the floor. We’re going with Moen fixtures in wrought iron (very dark grey/almost black), so it’ll be a nice contrast from the bright white all over.

It’ll definitely be an improvement from where it started, but whew I underestimated how much it would stress me out. I’m excited to see it when it’s done though and I’m hoping that’ll be soon!

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Master Bathroom: Choosing Tile & Pinterest Board

picking out bathroom tile

We’re picking tile for the bathroom! It’s looking like it’ll be white beveled subway tile on the walls and marble hex tile on the floor.

This Pinterest board has some ideas and general look we’re going for:

I’m excited/nervous. Plumbers are coming tomorrow to remove some more of the old plumbing, then we can finish demo, and… ahh!

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Master Bathroom: Before

Since we’ve officially started ripping apart the master bathroom and gotten the permit from the city to keep things legal, it’s time to share some before photos so you’ll be sufficiently awed once it’s done. So, here it is:

It’s about 5’3″ by x about 8′ and used to have doors to both the master bathroom and our office, which almost collided when both were open. (Basically: yikes!) We’ve already closed off the door into the office, which was an instant improvement, and we’re adding in the square footage of a hallway closet to make it bigger. It’ll be closer to 5’3″ x 11′ when we’re done. All of the extra space will go to the shower, which leaves the whole current bathroom for the vanity and the toilet, making everything much less squished.

We haven’t used this bathroom at all since we moved in because the hallway bathroom is larger and in better shape (although it’s also still mostly original too). The shower in this one is very tiny. (See that little white stall to the right of the toilet? That’s the entire shower and that picture was taken with me backing up against the vanity as far as I could.) Also the sink pipes dripped and it didn’t have a vent for any circulation at all so it just sort of smelled like a 56-year-old bathroom in there. We’ve kept the door firmly closed and mostly ignored it for the past year and a half… until now!

Plans, details, and progress coming soon. 😀

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Bye, Bathroom!

Y’all my bathroom is a DISASTER. We started ripping it apart today and let’s just say it’s gotten a whole lot worse before it’ll get better over the next month or two.

In true renovation fashion, we discovered an unexpected expense about twenty minutes into demo. That’s home ownership! Oh well. But, look! The sheetrock is gone from the back wall and we can see into the closet that’s being added into our bathroom (and will be our shower).

master bathroom demo, day 1

We’re also working on our bedroom at the same time, but thankfully that one’s much less messy. (Although it still requires us to move into our guest room, which we did today.) I shared some ideas/plans for the bedroom here a while back. I’m still finalizing the details of the materials going into the bathroom, so I’ll post about those as soon as everything’s settled.

More demo tomorrow. Pray for our old bones. Everything hurts.

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Master Bedroom: Plans!

We’re wrapping up our living room re-do right now (finishing painting the new built-in bookcases & installing trim and maybe a door), and our dining room is moving along nicely, so later this week the demo on the master bathroom will start. We’re going to also fix up the connected bedroom at the same time, since everything will be dusty and we won’t be able to sleep in there for a while anyway.

Here’s the barebones plan of what we’re going to do in the bedroom:

We’ve got the wood floor installed and will continue the trend of white walls & trim in the bedroom. We’re going to get the electrical updated (including adding some outlets in the nightstand area and making old ones safer), move the air conditioning vent from the wall into the ceiling, and have new windows installed. One full wall of sheetrock will have to be replaced, since it connects to the bathroom and has water damage (and we might tear down some others for better insulation purposes), then we’ll have the whole thing fixed up (texture-wise) and painted.

Once the basics are done, we’re considering the items pictured above to fill up the room. We already own the black dresser (Ikea Hemnes), which I might paint a lighter color (depending on the bedding I end up picking), and the white console table (also Ikea Hemnes), which will go under the TV (which is a must-have because I’m a total Netflix binging bed lounger). The curtains (Ikea Sanela) aren’t a sure thing, but I’m pretty into teal & velvet right now, so there’s a good chance I’ll get them (unless the bedding choice totally clashes & I need to pick a different color). The bed & nightstands are from Room & Board (Piper & Hudson, respectively). I might decide that’s too much to spend on nightstands though and find a cheaper option… not sure yet. The light fixture is School House Electric’s Brass City Chandelier and I love it, although I’m not sure it’ll work in the room yet, but I’m going to check!

And for the first time ever, we’ve sort of got a hard deadline on finishing a room. (Ahh!) Family will be visiting for a few weeks from The Netherlands in late April, so we’ll need to be out of the guest bedroom so they can use it, plus having two functioning bathrooms would be good since there will be four extra people in our house for a bit.

There. I’ve committed everything to paper (digitally, at least), and have a Pinterest board, so I can’t turn back now! More soon.