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Instagram Stories, Here I Come!

I leave early tomorrow morning for Automattic’s annual Grand Meetup. (Search “grand meetup” on this blog to see last year’s posts.) It’s a weeklong chance for me to see my coworkers (all 450+ of them) in person. We work on projects or take classes, attend workshops, and mix some fun, work-free stuff in there too. I’m flying into Vancouver Tuesday and then making the trip out to Whistler on Wednesday afternoon to stay for the week.

I haven’t used Instagram Stories yet, but I figured this adventure is the perfect time to try it out, so if you want to catch some behind-the-scenes looks at my trip and what it’s like to be at the GM, follow me on Instagram.

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The Women of Automattic

Remember the big company photo I shared the other day? Well, here’s one with just the women! So proud to know (and be in!) this group of fantastic, smart, awesome people!

Women of Automattic at Grand Meetup 2015

I’m in Automattic’s Annual Company Photo!

You may have noticed that I love my job, so I am totally thrilled to be in the big, annual company photo for the first time. I mean, look at all of these great people:

We took it at Grand Meetup last month in Park City, Utah. And I’m already looking forward to being in next year’s!


Party Pics

Automattic’s 10th Anniversary Party at our annual Grand Meetup was super fun. Obviously.

I can’t say it enough times & in the right words, but I’ve found my people. And if you think they might be your people too, we’re hiring. 😀


Happy 10th Anniversary, Automattic!

We spent the last night of Grand Meetup at a party celebrating ten years of Automattic.

It was super secretive:


And then this happened:

Dance party! #a8cgm

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Also, our CEO (Matt Mullenweg) played the sax in the employee band:


The Jane Doze played & there was a photobooth:


That’s most of my team, Phoenix, above. They’re great.


Late Night or Early Morning?

We snapped a few pictures sometime between 2 and 5am yesterday (today?). I’m not normally great at staying up so late anymore, but it’s been easy here. The party suites are full of Automatticians I otherwise don’t see around much, since there are so many of us and we work on many different things, so they’re a great place to spend the evenings.

Late night #a8cgm last night. 😎

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Last night at the #a8cgm selfie wall.

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And the morning view is great too (I went back for coffee, thanks to a fellow coffee nerd who brought the good stuff):

View from a balcony @ Canyons. #a8cgm

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It’s hard for me to explain how this week has felt, but I’m working on coming up with the words.


Saturday @ GM

Saturday at the GM was free of classes & projects, and set aside for activities and/or free time. So today I went shopping at a nearby outlet mall, then tried acupuncture for the first time. Later in the afternoon I participated in an “escape the room” challenge installed in a hotel room here at the resort. After dinner I spent hours in the party suite getting to know a bunch of coworkers I hadn’t managed to meet yet (even after 5+ days here) and spent time with the ones that have become great friends over this week. It’s been a great experience. I’m exhausted, yet exhilarated, and so thankful to be here and to work at Automattic. This place is great & these people are fantastic.

Trying acupuncture for the first time at Automattic's Grand Meetup