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To Do in 2017

I’m kicking off 2017 sharing a few things I’m going to do this year. The list will most certainly grow and become much longer over the next twelve months, but these are the things I’m starting it with: Remodel my kitchen. We’re planning it right now and are going to start ordering things soon. We’ll probably start the actual work around late-April. See Hamilton in NYC. I’ve already got the tickets, the flights, and a hotel booked, so now I’m just waiting for when it’s time to go. 😀 Edit my NaNoWriMo novel. I wrote it, so now I’ve got to edit it and finish it up. It’s by far the longest piece I’ve ever finished, so I’ll be sure to share the tips that finally helped me get past what had been stopping me before and make it all the way to the end. Looking forward to polishing it up and maybe letting someone read it. Read more non-fiction. I like to take notes when I read non-fiction so it takes more energy than my very lounge-y fiction-reading style. …

My Year in Review: 2016

With 2016 coming to a close, I thought I’d share another recap (like in 2015). It was way easier last time because I blogged so much last year, so at the very least, writing this post was a good reminder that I’d like to document my life more. Good thing I’m starting a Bullet Journal right now. 😉 And I solemnly swear to post here at least 48 times in 2017. (Can you tell I’m watching Harry Potter?) Read on for my monthly recap and a list of the places I visited this year. Here’s a month-by-month recap of what I was up to (as far as I can remember): January: I visited Phoenix for a work team meetup, plus spent a few days of roadtripping around the state, including to Sedona and the Grand Canyon, with two teammates. Cold afternoon at the Grand Canyon. A post shared by Sarah Blackstock (@sarahblackstock) on Jan 15, 2016 at 6:07pm PST   February: We kicked off our master bathroom remodel. It got demolished (down to the studs and subfloor!), then …

Achievement Unlocked

WordPress Day was a success! I talked about social media and WordPress: @sarahblackstock talking about where to find your supporters on social media at #16ntcwp #16ntc — Ira Horowitz (@ira_horowitz) March 22, 2016 And then I celebrated with a milkshake for dinner: Celebratory milkshake for dinner! Also: fries & hotel lounging. #mymilkshakesj A post shared by Sarah Blackstock (@sarahblackstock) on Mar 22, 2016 at 6:54pm PDT   It feels good to be flying home tomorrow having accomplished a goal I set for 2016. And it’s only March! 😀

My Year in Review: 2015

If I were to describe my 2015 in only three words, I’d go with: happy, progress, and best. It was a year with way more positives than negatives personally, with the only real hardship coming hearing about bad things happening around the world which tends to wear on my heart. (I think news stories, one month’s extra-strong bout of PMS, and commercials with sad dogs in them were the only things to make me cry in 2015. And I’m a crier, so that means the year was basically fantastic.) I took a peek through the archives to remember my year, and I must point out that the months before I started this blog (January, February, March) were the most difficult to recall because I didn’t really have any details recorded. Blogging saves memories, y’all. Here’s a month-by-month recap of what I was up to: January: I binge watched The Fall and developed an awkward crush on the Jamie Dornan serial killer character (and Gillian Anderson’s Stella a bit too, because OMG she’s so awesome). February: I made …

things i’m doing right/should improve

Things I’m doing right: posting here daily (194-day streak today)! eating well (meaning mostly healthy & sometimes amazingly). meeting new friends! (coworkers @ GM! too bad they live far away.) learning new things – sewing class & making a WordPress theme. reading! books & articles & just a whole bunch of words. Things I should improve: getting back to daily yoga practice. recording 3-5 daily bullet points in my notebook about my day. returning shoes to Zappos so I don’t have $500 tied up in new shoes. taking more daily photos for Instagram/documenting life. my ability to make local friends. Will update later!