It’s Ghostbusters Trailer Day!

I’ve been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for a Ghostbusters trailer and it’s hereeeeeeeeeee:

It looks fantastic! Ghosts look fun, outfits look cool, and ghostbusting looks classic. I grew up loving the Ghostbusters movies and never could’ve imagined seeing a genderswap. So awesome. (If I have one issue though: why is the one woman of color the non-scientist, blue collar worker?)

Excited to see the whooooooole movie! And buy the action figures! 😀


Lady Ghostbusters

Thankfully, still true:

And this reminded me… Is it Ghostbusters time yet?! This 80s kid wants action figures! Or at least a trailer already!

I’m sort of over reboots & remakes & reusing the same ideas, but I’ll 100% make an exception for this one because I bet it’s going to be fantastic.