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Key & Peele Does Game of Thrones

Somehow I managed to be a fan of both Key & Peele and Game of Thrones and not see this video until right now (only a year late). It’s got me excited for the upcoming season next month. Also, K&P are a delight.

“KILT!” haha

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Voldemort’s Bro

This Voldemort


…reminds me of this dude so much,

White Walker says Bring it Bro on Game of Thrones

…that I basically have to have it.

I mean, that arm raise! They’re total bros.

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Response to the Game of Thrones Finale

Me, right now:

My Emotions gif

Tina Belcher my heart gif

New Girl Sad Agreement

Veronica Mars pissing me off gif

That ending was saaaaaaaaaaad.

(I have so many THOUGHTS but I don’t want to be a jerk and post them same-day.)

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Tyrion Lannister on privilege

“It’s easy to confuse what is with what ought to be, especially when what is has worked well in your favor.”

Tyrion continues to be the brain everywhere he goes.

(Also: Hey, dragon!)

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White Walkers Said Hello.

Whoa, Game of Thrones. THAT WAS INTENSE. Not quite Red Wedding levels, but my “OHMYGOD! JON SNOW BETTER LIVE!” worries were at a record high.

That arm raise was basically the best thing ever.

Seriously. Look at this White Walker