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Watch The Mindy Project ASAP

Friends, have you subscribed to Hulu so you can watch The Mindy Project? If not? WHY? Because I canceled my account about two years ago, in a cable-login-required fury (nevermind that I have cable, it was the principle of the thing!) and only got it back when Mindy made the switch to Hulu-only. That annoyed me at first, but watching this one show is worth it, to be honest. (And I even pay for the no commercials upgrade. ILY, Mindy Kaling.) What I’m saying is: The Mindy Project is worth the monthly price of Hulu all on its own. And then you can also watch other stuff if you feel like it. But really just watch Mindy: "Did you kidnap me? This is an Amber Alert!" "Oh, come on. That's for cute little blonde girls. It's not for you." ❤ #TheMindyProject — Sarah Blackstock (@sarahblackstock) January 22, 2014 Mindy's brother to her: "In terms of entitlement and personality, you're the whitest man I know." HAHAHA. ❤ #TheMindyProject — Sarah Blackstock (@sarahblackstock) February 19, 2015 "Will …

Tina Belcher Learns to Drive

If you aren’t a Bob’s Burgers fan yet, please watch this video and rectify that immediately. If you’ve already done that, here’s what I wrote about this week in case you want to catch up: Lounging Poncho – I’m basically a professional at relaxing. Poetry 101 – Looking for poem recommendations! Reading Reminder – Join my 2016 Reading Challenge! 😀 Lady Ghostbusters – Is it time yet?! Toast Ambassador – Because I love toast. Find Your House & Wand on Pottermore – I’m a Ravenclaw. The Crush Continues – I ❤ the killer on The Fall. Oops. Week of 29 January 2016 – On toast, waterboarding, and Wonder Woman.

Stephen Colbert is Fantastic

I’m generally not very into network TV late night shows… celebrities plugging stuff, random musical guests, only white dudes hosting. But Stephen Colbert hosting The Late Show is changing that. He’s brilliant and the show is basically a less political version of The Colbert Report where he gets to be himself instead of the right wing character he played for years. Also, he loves Harry Potter & his Caesar Flickerman is amazing (but I wish he’d add more women to his writing staff).

Mindy Kaling & Fall TV

I love television and checking out new shows every fall is my fave. “Each fall, the trade papers publish loglines of the upcoming TV pilots… Here are some of the kinds of shows the networks seem to be clamoring for lately…” THE ABANDONED-SPINSTER CLUB A confident workaholic named Marcia or Alex comes home to find her husband cheating on her with his secretary. The discovery always occurs in the middle of the afternoon, and the adultery is always happening in her own bed, in view of photographs of her kids. The rest of the series explores her journey to a new life as a sex-positive fortysomething. She gets a really fun assistant who’s an expert on all the new, slutty dating protocols. Also, everyone on this show spends a lot of time drinking wine while sprawled on couches. And they’re always wearing jeans and are barefoot, sitting with one foot tucked under them. See Kaling’s piece in The New Yorker, Coming This Fall, for the rest: Boy-Man Must Face the Adult World The Staunch Oval Office …