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Veronica Mars: Iconic Feminist Show and Girl Detective

Veronica Mars: Iconic Feminist Show and Teen Girl Detective

Veronica Mars is one of my favorite television shows, and the title character is a fantastic depiction of a smart, vulnerable, brave, fallible young woman. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend setting aside some time and watching the entire series. (If you’ve got Amazon Prime, it’s available for free there right now or it’s less than $20 per season.) Below I analyze a few episodes from the first season of Veronica Mars, in relation to feminist theory (and just because I love it). About the show In Veronica Mars, the main character, Veronica, attends school while moonlighting as a private investigator. (If you haven’t seen it yet, you may want to come back later, unless you’re one of those people who love spoilers.) Set in a fictional, affluent town called Neptune, California, Veronica Mars frequently covers issues of race and class division, and feminism is addressed through the struggles and triumphs of Veronica and her friends. Veronica is a cute, blonde, white girl from California who viewers may assume is more surfer girl or spoiled brat at first, …

The Crush Continues

Soooooo, a few days ago, Timehop was kind of enough to remind me of the time I binge-watched The Fall and things got a bit awkward: I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to be into the super-sick serial killer, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯… The reminder made me decide to rewatch the show over the past week, and today I realized I posted about it about one year ago: It was originally posted elsewhere (and moved here recently) so you may have been reading this blog for months with no idea that I had some awkward, creepy crush on a murder-y dude but NOW YOU KNOW. Maybe the post sort of explains it enough for us to still be friends? 😉 (I mean, look at those GIFs!) Also, the show is really well done. It’s set in Belfast, which is a nice change, and Gillian Anderson’s Stella Gibson is a silk blouse wearing, badass feminist detective. 10/10 — Would watch again! (And I am.) I’m really looking forward to season three.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I never watched any of Star Wars as a kid, so I’m minimally invested in the movies, the overarching storylines, and the whole universe in general. (Honestly, I’m more of a Star Trek person, which probably isn’t surprising if you know about me & politics. We’re BFFs. I also really love Firefly and Battlestar Galactica) Still, I love big giant space-y action movies, so I knew I’d see The Force Awakens in the theater for sure. And WOW. Totally loved it. Because: It’s entertaining, from start to finish! And big, epic action movies miss that sometimes these days by adding about 45-minutes too much at the end for one giant fight scene that makes me zone out. There are entire scenes featuring a tough and caring woman, a heroic black man, (plus a cute droid) and that’s it? YES. And when Rey fires up that lightsaber for the first time? 😭🙌❤️ HERE FOR IT. This matters. I’m so happy for little girls and would’ve loved to see that when I was a little girl myself. I’m hearing …

I love the Feminist Sticker Club.

I joined the Feminist Sticker Club a while back and I’m loving the stickers that surprise me in the mail every few weeks. For $2.50/month, it’s fun & the stickers are great quality. This month’s two stickers on equal pay are especially well-timed, since we hit the day of the year earlier this week that means women are essentially working for free for the remainder of the year due to the wage gap.


Since I shared my iPhone homescreen recently, I thought I’d also share a photo of the computer I spend so much time on (professionally & personally). I’ve definitely met people based on them spotting a sticker they like, so I recommend this approach if you wouldn’t mind strangers chatting with you randomly. Most of the stickers on my MacBook Pro are from Redbubble and CafePress, except the WordPress ones, the Twitter bird, and the GitHub girl. See: feminist heart, Leslie Knope, </patriarchy>, Tina Belcher, Veronica Mars, Buffy, DFTBA, GitHub girl, books.