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Favorite Tiny People

I took advantage of the brand new, large workspace (our new, empty 7′ long dining table) and emptied out an entire cabinet onto it to sort through everything and organize it. I haven’t eaten at the table yet, but I already love it. While I was sorting I came across a pile of photos of my nieces back when they visited Texas (from The Netherlands) in 2012. It was their first trip to the States (and only so far). They’re so much bigger now (see here & here), and have OPINIONS. They’re Aunt Sarah superfans though, so I’m really looking forward to their visit next year. We might even swing by Disney World.

Automattic, a mystery

I’ve mentioned before that my dad isn’t quite sure where I work or what I do. Well, neither is my mom, apparently… Mom: Can you send me the information on your company again? I lost it. [Stepdad] is asking me what you do again. Me: … 😂…I’ll email you. If you’d like your family to have no idea what you do too, we’re hiring. 😀

First: Sister

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: First! I remember so much about my first day of Kindergarten. Where I woke up, who waited at the bus stop with me on the sidewalk in front of my next door neighbor’s house and snapped the pictures as I kicked off my first bus ride around lunchtime that day. And I remember who greeted me after school, and where we went when we instantly hopped in the car, instead of going in the house. I can’t say I remember anything about the actual day at school though. I can remember my teacher and classroom, of course, but not specifically from the first day of school, just sort of in general and pieced together. I remember so much about such a big day in my life, except the actual big thing. But that’s because something even bigger was going on that day and it captured all my memories and took up all my nerves and happiness for the day. My baby sister was born. I spent the night …

Sister Visit Love

My sister visited me in Dallas this weekend. We saw Pitch Perfect 2, ate delicious food, and lounged on my couch playing Animal Crossing and just hanging out. She drove back home to Houston today, which isn’t so far away, but far enough to make it too far to visit for one day, so we don’t see each other as often as we used to. Or as often as I’d like. I hope we live in the same city again sometime because I miss her… even more after I’ve just seen her in person and realize it a little bit more. I loved having her here. Sisters! (She's leaving to head back to Houston in a minute. 😭) A post shared by Sarah Blackstock (@sarahblackstock) on Jun 8, 2015 at 9:01am PDT

Updating my dad

Tonight my dad called to ask me how my new job at Automattic is going. Have you met any of your coworkers in person? Have you gotten your first check from Matt WordPress yet? He’s not super clear on where I work. Or if it involves real money. Or who else works there. Or what we do. 😂