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Toast Ambassador

The other day I needed to sign up for a Google Apps email through to use at work, which meant getting a new domain first, and soooooooo: Welcome, to the Internet! ūüėÄ (I’m sarah@ there.)¬†I¬†really love toast, and my name is an alias for the cute¬†toast emoji (look!) in our Automattic Slack. (Which leads to someone realizing that for the first time occasionally and going, “Why are you a smiling piece of bread?”) Anyway! Isn’t that little toast logo just the cutest? And so official! The Kawaii Toast is from¬†Collective Creation & the leaf frame is from¬†Erin Bradley Designs (both on Etsy). I combined them in Inkscape to make my status as Ambassador of Toast super legit. Have you visited the site and joined my toast mailing list yet?¬† Related: Remember the last time I needed a domain and ended up with (I’ll never forget, Pretty Little Liars. That was just¬†too odd.)

Welcome to 2016

I spent the first day of the year lounging at home, hanging with my BFF before she drove back home to Austin (we re-launched!), and getting some art in the frames I got from Ikea yesterday. And tonight I watched the new Sherlock episode with my husband. My 2015 life/blogging/reading recap & a 2016 reading challenge coming up this week!

Notes From An Event Apart Austin: Lara Hogan

And now more notes from¬†An Event Apart Austin…¬†Lara Hogan, Senior Engineering Manager of Performance at Etsy (my fav!), presented “Designing for Performance,” and she’s just plain great. (I mean, she¬†celebrates career achievements with donuts.) She got big laughs for her “four and horse stars” story of the time Etsy accidentally replaced their half-star¬†with little horse head emojis (because it wasn’t document properly) and users starting writing in to ask what was going on. (As someone who works in support, I can very easily imagine how ridiculous/hilarious this would be.) On designing for performance: “Perception of how fast your page loads is more important than how fast it actually loads.”¬† “Make performance part of everyone’s workflow.”¬† Don’t have performance cops or janitors. Make performance a part of everyone’s job throughout the project.¬† ‚ÄúPerformance is everyone‚Äôs job, or you‚Äôll be fighting an endless, uphill battle. You need to create a performance culture.‚Ä̬† Tips on designing for performance: Consider image edits to improve performance: Blurring background a bit & cropping out busy areas in a jpeg reduces size.¬† …