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Toast Ambassador

The other day I needed to sign up for a Google Apps email through to use at work, which meant getting a new domain first, and soooooooo: Welcome, to the Internet! 😀 (I’m sarah@ there.) I really love toast, and my name is an alias for the cute toast emoji (look!) in our Automattic Slack. (Which leads to someone realizing that for the first time occasionally and going, “Why are you a smiling piece of bread?”) Anyway! Isn’t that little toast logo just the cutest? And so official! The Kawaii Toast is from Collective Creation & the leaf frame is from Erin Bradley Designs (both on Etsy). I combined them in Inkscape to make my status as Ambassador of Toast super legit. Have you visited the site and joined my toast mailing list yet?  Related: Remember the last time I needed a domain and ended up with (I’ll never forget, Pretty Little Liars. That was just too odd.)

Welcome to 2016

I spent the first day of the year lounging at home, hanging with my BFF before she drove back home to Austin (we re-launched!), and getting some art in the frames I got from Ikea yesterday. And tonight I watched the new Sherlock episode with my husband. My 2015 life/blogging/reading recap & a 2016 reading challenge coming up this week!

Notes From An Event Apart Austin: Lara Hogan

And now more notes from An Event Apart Austin… Lara Hogan, Senior Engineering Manager of Performance at Etsy (my fav!), presented “Designing for Performance,” and she’s just plain great. (I mean, she celebrates career achievements with donuts.) She got big laughs for her “four and horse stars” story of the time Etsy accidentally replaced their half-star with little horse head emojis (because it wasn’t document properly) and users starting writing in to ask what was going on. (As someone who works in support, I can very easily imagine how ridiculous/hilarious this would be.) On designing for performance: “Perception of how fast your page loads is more important than how fast it actually loads.”  “Make performance part of everyone’s workflow.”  Don’t have performance cops or janitors. Make performance a part of everyone’s job throughout the project.  “Performance is everyone’s job, or you’ll be fighting an endless, uphill battle. You need to create a performance culture.”  Tips on designing for performance: Consider image edits to improve performance: Blurring background a bit & cropping out busy areas in a jpeg reduces size.  …