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Favorite Tiny People

I took advantage of the brand new, large workspace (our new, empty 7′ long dining table) and emptied out an entire cabinet onto it to sort through everything and organize it. I haven’t eaten at the table yet, but I already love it. While I was sorting I came across a pile of photos of my nieces back when they visited Texas (from The Netherlands) in 2012. It was their first trip to the States (and only so far). They’re so much bigger now (see here & here), and have OPINIONS. They’re Aunt Sarah superfans though, so I’m really looking forward to their visit next year. We might even swing by Disney World.

Future Queen Rides Bike To School

Listen, we should probably be done with monarchies by now, but if we’re going to keep any around, it’s nice that this little future queen is riding her bicycle to public school: (She’s seriously 2nd in line to the throne, behind her dad, in The Netherlands right now, so this is pretty sweet & I hope no one bugs her.)  

America’s Memorial Day, Celebrated by Dutch

I came across this article first thing this morning, which means I accidentally made myself cry a little bit before I even brushed my teeth today. Oops, but… what a nice read and what great people. They haven’t forgotten. For 70 years, the Dutch have come to a verdant U.S. cemetery…to care for the graves of Americans killed in World War II. On Sunday, they came again, bearing Memorial Day bouquets for men and women they never knew, but whose 8,300 headstones the people of the Netherlands have adopted as their own. Seventy years later and they’re still tending to the graves of American soldiers who helped The Netherlands gain their freedom from Nazi Germany. Many families have passed down the responsibility through generations. Americans gave their lives to defeat the Nazis. The Dutch have never forgotten. (The Washington Post)

Aruba, January 2013

The weather has been absolutely dreadful in Dallas lately… especially for May. Overcast, dreary skies, too much rain, tornado threats, and no shining sun. I went to Aruba a few years ago, in the middle of the winter, and it was so great to ditch the cold weather for relaxing in the sun and reading books on the beach. I never thought I’d long for the same escape in May in Texas, but I’d love to be on an island right now to get away from the grey skies we’ve been stuck with for weeks. Stay safe, Texas. We’ve still got some storms ahead.

Solar Bike Path Success

Dutch bicycle paths are fantastic and such a huge part of their daily lives. If those paths could also contain solar panels to provide their power? Awesome! The company has revealed that its road has generated much more energy than expected — it produced 3,000kWh of electricity in the space of just six months, or enough to power a single person’s home for a year. That doesn’t sound like much, but SolaRoad notes that its path only covers a 230-foot stretch in a Dutch village. The first solar bike path is producing more energy than expected (Engadget)