I started a podcast!

Hi! I started a podcast with my longtime BFF, Kim. It’s called Hey, Bestie! and we chat about pop culture, things we love (or hate) feminism, and modern life. And there are already four episodes up! So far we’ve talked about bullet journaling, The Rock running for president, shows you should never binge watch, romance…

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BFF Sunday in Austin

I’m in Austin staying with the BFF for a few days. Yesterday we watched Buffy and ate cheeseburgers. Today included Cinnamon Roll Waffles for breakfast, hours of talking, a few episodes of Firefly, and Stiles Switch BBQ for dinner. BBQ dinner at Stiles Switch BBQ in Austin today. A post shared by Sarah Blackstock (@sarahblackstock) on Sep 20,…

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Reasons BFF Visits Are Great

My BFF (of 18 years!) flew to Dallas from Austin to visit me this weekend. (Virgin ran a deal a while back and we both got tickets for weekend visits for around $100.) And here’s the thing that’s really great about when your best friend comes to stay at your house: You don’t have to DO…

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FYI: I also post regularly on a blog called cookiepocket.org with my longtime BFF. We write about books, current events, our cities, food, feminism, my home renovation, our favorites from around the web, and lots more. See:

Screenshot of cookiepocket.org from May 18, 2015

A few recents posts on cookiepocket.org: