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My Super Tuesday

I wore that tshirt inspired by The West Wing while I worked at my local polling place for the Democratic primary today in Dallas. It was a 14-hour workday so I’m basically exhausted now. It was great to see democracy in action though, and I was happy to help voters get their chance to participate. And I gave out lots of donkey stickers. ๐Ÿ˜€

This election is weird, y’all.

One state choosing Trump and Sanders on the same night is interesting, to say the least. Bernie Sanders just easily won the New Hampshire primary. New Hampshire primary results: Donald Trump wins. This is going to be a really interesting election season. The pundits have been wrong so often already that there’s no way to think we can count on them to get it right… The usualย rules have been tossed out andย who knowsย who will be our next president. Wow.  

Bernie Sanders!

Bernie Sanders filled a stadium with 10,000+ people tonight in Madison, Wisconsin, while another 8,000+ watched the livestream. His speech was honest, blunt, and what a lot of people need to hear. So:! View post on Think the media will pay him the appropriate attention now?