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Small Batch Cupcakes (made in the toaster oven!) by

Recipe: Small Batch Cupcakes

As one-half of a two person household, I’m always looking for ways to not make giant amounts of food that will either go bad or result in us feeling like we have to eat way too much. Cupcakes are delicious, but two people do not need 24 of them! Since I’ve mastered making two chocolate chip cookies from scratch in the toaster oven, why not try cupcakes? I used cake mix, instead of baking them from scratch, to avoid turning six cupcakes into a big measuring, multi-bowl mess. I figured if I’m only going to end up with six instead of 24 at the end, the process should be about one-fourth of the usual difficulty, right? 😉 I forgot to take photos of them when they come out of the oven, so here’s the best I can do for the look of the actual cake until I bake them again: Yum! Now go make your own… Enjoy!

Dutch Baby is Delicious, a Recipe

I ate a Dutch Baby today… but I promise that’s less horrifying than it sounds. Also, less Dutch because Dutch people don’t even know what you’re talking about if you say you’re making one. (I’m married to a Dutch person. He made it, but had never had it before because it’s not actually Dutch.) Apparently it’s a German Pancake, except it’s actually from German immigrants who were mistakenly referred to as Dutch when they got to America. (Don’t even get me started on that.) What I’m saying is this is basically an old timey American-made pancake pretending to be European. Also, it’s delicious. The edges are a nice, flakey pastry while the inside layers are a bit custardy. It looked so fluffy coming out of the oven: We followed this video recipe from Food Wishes and it worked like a charm. I’ve added a text version, including our notes, below so you can try it too. Yum!

Sunday is for Cookies

We baked Peanut Butter Blossoms this afternoon to reward ourselves for spending a few hours cleaning and organizing things around the house. It’s been several years since I made these, so they’re a nice treat! This week on the blog, I… recommended five books to read in the winter, shared a recipe for homemade Simple Cranberry Sauce, celebrated Jane Austen’s birthday, shared photos from the DFW-area Automatticians’ Christmas Dinner, livetweeted the GOP debate, and posted a bunch of ebook deals. And oops I found more book deals! Several of Susan Mallery’s books are on sale for Kindle right now too: Click the title to view the book on Goodreads & the price to buy on Amazon. Chasing Perfect (Fool’s Gold #1) – $2 Almost Perfect (Fool’s Gold #2) – $2 Finding Perfect (Fool’s Gold #3) – $2 Sweet Spot (Bakery Sisters #2) – $2 The Girls of Mischief Bay (Mischief Bay #1) – $2 Under Her Skin (Lone Star Sisters #1) – $2 I’m a sucker for a romance series that takes me back to …

Single Serving Chocolate Chip Cookies

Single-Serving Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sometimes I really, really want homemade chocolate chip cookies, but lately two things have stopped me from having them: (1) our wall oven broke several months ago and we’re relying on a fancy toaster oven until we remodel our kitchen in a few more months, and (2) I’d love to eat a whole bunch of them but really probably shouldn’t. Well, problem solved! Because: (1) My toaster oven (the Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven) is actually really good at being an oven and handles all sorts of things (from these cookies to whole dinners) fantastically well, and (2) baking only two cookies at a time means they’re always fresh out of the oven when I eat one and also that there won’t be a pile of them sitting around ruining my attempt at eating remotely healthy on weekdays. These cookies will take you about a total of 15 minutes and one bowl, so they’re totally worth the tiny bit of trouble.