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Team Nails & Cookies

Mani/pedi team bonding

For our last full day together at our team meetup, we had time blocked for pausing on the work stuff & doing something fun, so we went for manicures and pedicures. We basically took over the salon and it was a great chance to chat & relax. Once we got back to the house, we baked cookies!

chocolate chip cookie pile

❤️ Team Hedwig!

automattic, happiness engineer

The Shared House Comfort Zone


When sharing a house with your work team for a week, things tend to get really casual very quickly. Our time together has basically been the live-action version of our team’s Slack channel, with #underweargate thrown in for good measure. If you usually work remotely, I highly recommend finding a way to hang out with your team like this (especially if your only other chance is at a much larger company-wide meetup).

(In response to the tip about removing EXIF data from a photo before sexting it to anyone.)

Tomorrow we’re learning about Google Apps integration at to just about finish up the learning/working portion of our week, hitting up the nail salon for mani/pedi bonding time, then baking cookies! 😀


Back to Phoenix

Driving to Phoenix
We drove from Williams back to Phoenix today, along the sometimes icy and sometimes winding paths of Interstates 40 and 17.

Driving to Phoenix from Williams

The original reason I went to Arizona starts tomorrow… my work team’s meetup! 😀


Grand Canyon Today

It was beautiful & more than I expected. It was also very cold. I’ll share details & more photos soon.


Sedona to Flagstaff

Hiking in Red Rock State Park near Sedona

We spent the late morning in Sedona hiking around Red Rock State Park (after a leisurely wake up, then toast & jam for breakfast). I walk places sometimes, but I hadn’t officially hiked in years (or sort of ever?) so it was a nice change. I think I prefer hiking in this sort of spot over walking around the neighborhood just to walk. The weather was warm and the surroundings were beautiful. We wandered for a few miles, and went up to Eagle’s Nest Overlook.

On the road between Sedona and Flagstaff

After our hike, we wound our way up the mountains to head to Flagstaff. We stopped shortly before arriving at a lookout point and I took the above photo. It was suddenly much colder when we got out of the car there, so it felt like we’d driven so much further. It’s sort of amazing how going up a mountain changes things so much. I can’t recall ever seeing a view quite like this one.

Tomorrow: the Grand Canyon!


Phoenix to Sedona

Sedona Arizona in the afternoon

We drove from Phoenix to Sedona today. It was in the 50s and sunny, without a cloud in the sky, this afternoon when we ate lunch outside. It’s a cute town and the surrounding area is beautiful, rough, and red.

Red Rock State Park area near Sedona Arizona

The place we’re staying tonight is off a winding, not quite paved country road and runs up against Red Rock State Park. We wandered around the property a bit during sunset, and now at bedtime, it’s pitch black outside of the window and I haven’t seen so many stars in the sky in a long time.


Freq in Phoenix

Feminist Frequency tshirt and Automattic hoodie

I flew to Phoenix today (in my Feminist Frequency tshirt & favorite Automattic hoodie). My team’s meetup is in a few days, so I’m in/around Phoenix a few days early with two coworkers/friends to check out the Grand Canyon and whatever else we find along the way.

Send tips if you’ve been to the area & have any recommendations! We’re in Phoenix, then going to Sedona, and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, and maybe Horseshoe Bend and Flagstaff too.