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Living Room Update Plans

Back in January, I shared some notes on planned updates to the house my husband and I bought last year and a few pictures of our white walls and lovely new floors. (See: Sarah’s House: Welcome!) It was built in 1960 and has been left mostly un-updated… UNTIL NOW! So far we’ve installed wood floors throughout the house, and spent several thousand dollars on other mostly boring updates (like garage doors, chimney repairs, and electrical upgrades).

Our next project is a full living room re-do. We’ve got our big TV, TiVo, and gaming consoles in this room, and it’s the one that can be made darkest for movie nights, so comfort is key. Right now it has 60’s den-style brown wood paneled walls, brown built-in shelves & cabinets, wood beams starting to detach from the ceiling, and a brick fireplace complete with shiny brass trim on the doors. Basically: It’s not a good look.

Here’s what I’m thinking will be going on in the new room to get us started:

We already own the TV stand, coffee table, rug, and the round table. The floors are installed and the walls will be white like in the image above (taken in our home office).

When we first moved in, I dressed up the old built-ins that flank the fireplace with a bunch of random decorative stuff I pulled out of our boxes. I mostly aimed for books + colorful things to distract from the sagging shelves and mirrored backs. There are cabinets along the bottom half with doors that attempt to stay shut, but aren’t always successful.

Here’s how they look right now:

The first image on this post shows the wall containing the built-ins and fireplace. The plan for them is to tear out the original shelves and cabinets and replace them with floor-to-ceiling bookcases. Each side of the fireplace has five feet of space to install shelves, so it’ll be a nice space for lots of books & bringing color into the room. I’m thinking we’ll paint the fireplace brick white to keep things bright and let it blend with the walls a bit.

The project is going to be a combination of DIY and hired help, so… we’ll see how it all goes. Hopefully by this fall it’ll be updated & we’ll be in the decorative finishing touches phase.

More soon! Wish us luck!

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