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Remodeling Anxiety

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I’ve woken up shortly after 3am the past two nights, unable to get back into a comfortable sleep, because my mind is racing with worries about our bathroom remodel. It sounds pretty dumb when I mention it, and I’m glad the rest of my life is mostly anxiety-free now, but I’m tired and my jaw hurts from clenching my teeth and I hope I can figure out how to relax about this.

Other than general worry over the actual work and the amount of money being spent, I’m sleeping in a strange room on a different bed. The master bedroom is storing random bathroom parts and too dusty to live in, so we’re in the guest room, which gets more noise and light and from the road because it faces the corner of two streets. (Note to self: Get some blackout curtains for your future guests’ comfort!) 

I’m not sure there’s a solution for this other than the bathroom being done, but maybe it’ll start feeling better when something big is done and the first city inspection is passed. I hope so. I’m tired.