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Pretty Little Liars & the Pity Prom [S06E09]

The girls are banned from prom, so Spencer’s mom says she’ll host a tiny one in their backyard barn. Sure, it’s a fancy, re-done barn (not for animals!) but still. How rude. Oh, and they’re also banned from attending graduation, which seems extra-rude, since they’re not even the ones causing the problems. (Although honestly, I can’t remember the last time they went to school and they were locked in that underground bunker for a few weeks at least, so how are they graduating on time anyway?)

Of course as soon as we know the foursome won’t be at prom, Alison gets a text from Charles luring her to the prom, so I guess she’ll ditch the girls when the time comes.

There’s some good news though! After last episode‘s traumatic moment in the art gallery (where Aria’s contest entry photos were replaced with creepy ones from the bunker), the contest judges looked at her real photos and she won! (Probably because they felt sorry for her because those creepy doll photos weren’t all that, but still! Yay!) She gets a cash prize and a summer internship in LA! While still in celebration mode, Ezra offers to go to barn-prom with Aria. Since there won’t be a bunch of “former students” there like regular prom, he thinks it’s less awkward… except Aria is his former student who he also did sex with, so that’s pretty awkward, especially since she’s Still! In! High! School!

I think Hanna forgot she told Caleb to give her space, because he’s being kind of cagey and it’s bugging her. She definitely wants LESS space right now. He says he’s going to visit his dad in NY, but seems pretty weird. What’s going on? (WHAT IF HE’S ‘A’ AND IT BREAKS MY HEARRRRRRRRRT?) Hanna thinks Caleb is going “all vigilante,” and he won’t answer his phone…so: WHAT IS HE UP TO?

Toby is suspended from the police force. Eating a whole bag of weed-gummies while on patrol will do that to you. ūüėā

And for some reason, Spencer meets with Alison’s (ex) boyfriend-cop to plead Ali’s case. She invites him to barn-prom to surprise/makeup with Alison, but… Um, HE’S A POLICE OFFICER! WHY WOULD HE GO TO ANY PROM EVER!

Pretty Little Liars - Barn Prom
Barn Prom is pretty lame.

Ezra photographs the girls in their dresses at Barn Prom… They still went full fairytale with their outfits, even though that theme is from the school’s prom. Then they all sit on the couch and look at photos being posted online from Actual Prom. (They’re really not even trying to make Barn Prom legit.)¬†While they’re looking at photos, they see Alison. At Actual Prom! She was lured there by a text from Charles.

Meanwhile, across the property from the barn in the main house, Mom Prom is in full swing. Their moms are drinking wine and getting a little loose with the gossip. Spencer’s mom lets it slip that her husband is the bio-dad of Jason DiLaurentis (Alison’s brother, and also Spencer’s too!)… I had no idea that the other moms didn’t know about this, since it seems like their daughters have known FOREVER and Spencer has definitely tried to sibling-up with Jason some.

Uh oh! While the moms were distracted with the Jason dish, the girls snuck out of Barn Prom and went to Actual Prom to find Alison. Ezra & Toby go along to assist.

Aria finds Clark at prom, taking photos, and instantly asks him why he entered the abandoned doll factory where Rhys was (in last week’s episode). He basically has no reason and runs off.

And when Bunker-Sara shows up to dance with Emily, she says: “Whatever happens, you mean a lot to me,” which is a really weird thing to say to a girl who’s life is constantly in danger and who is currently at a prom from which she was banned.

Mom Prom!

Back to Mom Prom! My favorite of all of the Proms! Spencer’s mom reminds the other moms that they found Alison’s mom’s body in Spencer’s backyard. I suppose it is pretty uncool when the woman your husband cheated with ends up dead and buried in your backyard and you can’t get it out of your mind. She complains:¬†“It wasn’t bad enough that this bitch tried to steal¬†my husband…” Listen, Spencer’s mom is getting druuuuuunk. She’s overdue.

Mom Prom moves to the DiLaurentis house to confront Alison’s dad. I’m not exactly sure why, but I think wine is the reason. They go in the house uninvited and no one seems to be home. While they’re there, they open some mail and find a photo of two little boys… Jason and Charles! Then (gasp!) they turn around and see Rhys/Charles(?) standing there looking alarmingly like Jason. When he leaves, Aria’s mom says,¬†“I think we just met Charles.” (Ahh!) While they’re still in the house, they hear noise in the basement so they all go charging down there, only to have the door slammed shut and locked behind them, because obviously they didn’t leave anyone up there to watch for that exact, obvious thing that ‘A’ would totally do. So now Mom Prom is trapped in the DiLaurentis¬†basement.

SQUAD GOALS. Their fairytale prom outfits are on point.

Back at Actual Prom: Caleb has arrived! Hanna’s detached and won’t dance with him much. She’s really questioning what he’s been up to. He answers easily when asked that he was getting a job as an Information Risk Analyst. He tells her they’re moving to New York, “if that’s still your dream,” that his job will cover their expenses plus her tuition, and get them out of town & away from the crazy. #bestboyfriend

Later at prom, for a reason I’m not entirely sure of, Clark goes running off and the girls+boyfriends/Ezra catch him. And hey! He’s an undercover cop! Totally befriended Aria on purpose and he’s got investigating to do, so BYE.

Belle-inspired Alison at Prom

They can’t find Alison anywhere at Actual Prom, so of course that means she’s wandered off to some odd indoor tree/empty frames/big mirrors maze that happens to be right off to the side of prom but NO ONE ELSE is in there. (Why does the prom even have that?!)¬†While she’s looking for Charles, someone sneaks up, covers her mouth, and drags her away.

Moms are still trapped in the basement. (Insert ominous thunder!) They start talking about how their daughters have been through situations like this (and much worse!) so many times now and generally feeling bad. They left their wine upstairs.

Spencer, always the brains of every operation, finds the tree/mirror maze¬†and sees Alison’s phone broken & dropped on the ground. DUN DUN DUNNNNNN.

Then we see Alison. She’s in a deserted hallway with a hooded-‘A’ and we watch her gasp! face as she finds out who ‘A’ is… but we have to wait another week.

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