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Pretty Little Liars & the Microchip Removal [S06E07]

The last episode of Pretty Little Liars (“O Brother, Where Art Thou,” S06E07) once again totally failed at solving the ‘A’ problem, however I think we’re getting close! Maybe! (Unless they very rudely take the mystery into the time jump & the girls are still dealing with it in the twenties.)

We open with Spencer watching an online video showing someone removing their dog’s microchip to figure out how to DIY their chip removal to stop ‘A’ from tracking their moves. She seriously wants to remove them AT HOME SURGERY STYLE! (Ow.)

pll-charles-bdaycardAlison’s dad throws luggage in the trunk & takes her away from home. She looks confused & scared but she still goes willingly. He’s covered in dirt from digging up the grave he thought Charles was in and seems crazy-ish. Alison spots the threatening birthday card he found in the emptry grave, and: “He’s alive & he’s coming for us, isn’t he?” (Oh, you’re finally catching up! Yes, Charles is your brother, he’s alive, and apparently he’s not a very chill dude.)

Hanna’s mom tells her she applied for scholarships while Hanna was trapped in the bunker & hands her a letter with a check for a $30k scholarship. (Should scholarships really be in check form, made directly to a teenager? Seems like they should’ve sent it to her school directly.) Mom says Jason recommended the place, and the name sounds familiar to Hanna, but whyyyyy…?

When Emily’s at the coffee shop, she runs into Claire, a friend of Bunker-Sara’s (pre-bunker) who was there waiting for her. Claire wants to see B-S, but she’s not available, according to Emily. Then Toby’s back from his “police seminar” (still having a hard time figuring out how he went from Spencer’s high school boyfriend to Spencer’s police officer boyfriend so quickly) & Spencer is happy, but she ditches him quickly to go “do something”

Aria & Spencer question Mona, wondering if she’s seen ‘A’ before while she was locked in Radley, but she says she was on so many drugs she “thought she was being haunted by Ali” and “auditioning for American Idol”… so she’s no help. (Also, American Idol? Seems like a pretty dated reference, PLL, and not very Mona-y.) Meanwhile, Emily’s in her bedroom with Bunker-Sara, who is her new live-in girlfriend, I guess? (DOES HER MOM HAVE RULES OR BOUNDARIES? WTF.) She offers to go with B-S to see her old friend, Claire.

Cut to: Jason sees a red balloon on the porch and finds a birthday invitation! Ahh, Charles strikes again! It says: “Come alone or not at all” & directs him to an arcade they went to as kids. DUN DUN DUNNNNNN.

pll-6x7-ariascaredcryingAria spends some time in her room (which still looks identical to her bunker prison, and that just seems wrong) sorting all of her super creepy dolls and being sad. She admits the dolls are spooky & decides to get rid of them. Although, they DID help her become a finalist for that art show she applied for, so I guess they weren’t all bad. Her brother tries to be sensitive for like 3 seconds, but is really more like: okay whatever, but DID YOU TELL MONA NOT TO TALK TO ME! (She didn’t.)

Hanna & Spencer, one of my absolute favorite pairings for scenes, figure out Hanna’s “scholarship” is coming from a company connected to Radley and/or Charles somehow. Probably not a good idea to keep the money! But oops, too late, her mom cashed the check, so… whatevs. She’ll go to college and spend it and I’m sure everything will be perfectly fine. 😉

Three things that seem kind of pointless (but like they could possibly have a point later) happen:

– The coffee shop employee who Spencer previously asked for weed (or pot brownies) drops some gummy bears wrapped in homemade packaging in her purse when she’s not looking,

– Bunker-Sara leaves Emily’s house to go stay with her pre-bunker friend, Claire, and says it’s so she can officially date Emily. (I’m still confused by her & this & what goes on at Emily’s house.)

– Mike brings Aria’s laundry basket full of dolls to Mona’s house, as a weird/creepy gift, I guess. (Is Mona really into dolls?)

And then it’s DIY Chip Removal Time! Toby swings by and while Spencer’s filling him in on who Charles is, we hear Hanna’s “ow!” from upstairs. 😂

Aria: “Hanna, you’re bleeding.”

Hanna: “What?! Where?”

Emily: “What do you mean ‘where?’ Where Dr. Amateur Hour cut your neck open.”

Toby: [has no idea what medical procedure they’ve performed on each other, makes hilarious confused face] 

Of course, Jason goes to the creepy arcade alone to meet Charles. Toby insists on grabbing his police partner and checking out the arcade, instead of letting the girls do it, while Alison calls 911 to tell them Charles, her mystery-bro, is ‘A’ & they end up at the arcade too. Things get wild, Charles uses arcade games to pelt the police with some skee balls or something, and Toby falls over all blinky-eyed and confused. He stole the gummy bears out of Spencer’s purse and ate them all & now he’s totally high while on the job. (Ahem. It’s pretty rude to take candy that was clearly made specially for someone out of their purse without asking, Toby.)

After his failed meetup with little bro, Charles, Jason heads home and pours himself a Scotch. Alison tells him not to do it. (Is he an alcoholic? I guess I forgot.) While he’s pity partying, they hear a kid say “Jason come play with me!” from upstairs. They run up to find an old home movie playing and are not nearly freaked out enough. Like, why aren’t they wondering if he’s crouched in the shadows waiting to murder them?!


Only three more episodes until we hit the mid-season break before starting back up in January… maybe with the time jump!

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