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Pretty Little Liars, post-Dollhouse [S06E02]

Pretty Little Liars is back and tonight’s episode was the second of the sixth season. And OHMYGOD! I don’t know if Andrew is ‘A’ or not, but he’s totally an MRA so they should run from him either way. Look:

“They found a journal about how… Alison & the rest of you represented the feminization of society. It was a regular manifesto.”

Pretty Little Liar's Aria ooookay gif

The feminization of society! He wrote about it in his hate-journal! Something tells me the PLL writers didn’t have this exact moment planned from way back when the show started, but recent “manly” circumstances made this little nugget possible and it’s perfect.

That line, delivered by Toby, was basically my favorite of the entire episode. I also really loved Hanna & Caleb & her mom. (They’re my favorite family on the show, even though technically he’s her boyfriend and so not a part of their household. Still. They’re great to each other and for each other.)

The person who decided to keep the kidnapped girls in a bunker/prison with rooms decorated to match each of their bedrooms was a genius. Even if they’re home, the rooms feel like prison still. Hanna emptying out her room to start fresh made total sense and I was surprised the other girls didn’t want to do the same right away too. (Although I suppose that would’ve turned the show into a room makeover ep, which isn’t exactly the right tone.)

But seriously, how was Spencer trying to sleep in her room all alone? Like, go into your mom’s room or have someone over! You have PTSD and the world is a scary place when ‘A’ has been stalker-texting you for years!

So, basically:

  • It was pretty strange to watch an episode of PLL with the girls at their own houses and not receveiving creepy texts around the clock.
  • Caleb is the best boyfriend on the show & most shows. (Yay, Hanna!)
  • MRA alert! 😂

Looking forward to next week & hopefully some real ‘A’ answers. IT’S TIME!

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