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Pretty Little Liars loves to make us wait [S06E04]

Last week’s Pretty Little Liars left me wondering (1) why Alison’s dad was lying about mystery-Charles, (2) where Caleb was, and (3) why Aria was being Miss Moody Photos in her bedroom, and tonight’s episode (“Don’t Look Now”) addressed all three, if not much else.

So, here’s where we’re at:

Alison’s dad admitted that Charlie existed! He was her brother! And he tried to burn/drown baby-Alison in the bathtub so they locked him away. He’s thought to have died, but… that’s probably not the case, right? I mean, I don’t understand why they stopped Hanna from digging up that backyard grave to check. PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN, GIRLS.

Caleb returned! But oops! He put a tracker on Hanna’s car without her knowledge and she said she “needs space” so… bye again? The tracker was a bit of an Edward Cullen move, I admit, but she has been kidnapped and almost killed multiple times without anyone being caught for the crimes and being able to find her quickly if she disappears doesn’t seem like the most terrible plan.

Aria had to DEVELOP the emo bedroom photos she snapped last week, so naturally, tonight she got locked in a darkroom and met a new dude when he heard her screaming and let or out. (But maybe he also locked her in?) Dude totally admired her off-center creepy doll face photograph because she’s ~talented~ OKAY.

Spencer started having flashbacks of her time in the bunker. There was lots of blood in them, so she basically spent the whole episode like this:

internally screaming gif

Speaking of how they’re all still freaking out a bit after their captivity, HOW IS HANNA THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS TORN APART HER BEDROOM?! They were all held in replicas of their bedrooms and basically tortured. Seems like you’d want to update the wallpaper after that.

Anyway, someone grab Charlie D. and bring him by the next episode. Looking for him is kind of a bore. Also, I just remembered that there’s a time jump coming at the middle of this season… Five years! WHAT! Is ‘A’ still an issue then?!?!?!! (And can we just jump now?)

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