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Pretty Little Liars & “Bitch chipped us!” [S06E06]

After the last episode, which featured a tennis ball wearing a wig, I was really looking forward to seeing where it went this week. Like, what creepy stuff will they think up next? And will photographer-dude turn out to be an actual nice guy or a creeper working a scheme? Also, I made this: tennisballwearingawig.com. 😎

Buffy beeperTonight’s episode (“No Stone Unturned” S6E6) failed in the WHO IS ‘A’ OHMYGOD JUST TELL USSSSSSS department, but won me over anyway with it’s ridiculous comedy. I’ve loved Hanna from the start and her character this season has only improved. Either the actor gained some comedic timing skills and they’re putting them to use or she’s been great the whole time and they just figured out that a show THIS campy and ridiculous could use some jokes. (See: Buffy. 😍)

Hanna: (Trying to see Mona, who’s stuck in her bedroom.) “Now you tell me? After I tried to shimmy up her drain pipe?!”

Spencer says she was “asked to be valedictorian” and doesn’t know why, since she has incompletes in everything. I also don’t know why because, um, that’s not how that works. Maybe she DID have the highest GPA (although, HOW?! — her life has been ridiculous for years), but she doesn’t now, so quit playing, principal.

Hanna spends some time being mad at Caleb, who continues to be the sweetest, smartest, most devoted boyfriend to ever come to town. She gets over it eventually… when he stops post-bunker babying her & starts up a makeout session instead. He also spends some time teaching Bunker-Sarah about “responsive design” since she’s actually working for him, and not just pretending like I thought she was going to. Although, if he’s expecting a web designer and has to explain optimal viewing of websites on a mobile browser to her, I’m not sure she’s up to the job.

Bunker Sarah: “What should I wear to Caleb’s office?”

Emily: “Your office is where Caleb plays Grand Theft Auto in his boxers.”

Speaking of Emily, she goes with Aria back to the rest-stop/junk-yard-with-cool-stuff-not-garbage. (I don’t remember what they called it but it’s super random and makes no sense.) I guess they’re looking for ‘A’ clues since photographer-dude caught him/her/it in a photo and SURPRISE! He’s there too! (Listen: Is he a creeper? Or as nice & cute as I want him to be? Seems impossible, so I bet he’s scheming something horrific.)

Anyway, they’re there looking for clues & Emily’s on her phone constantly. It bugs Aria: “Em, it’s kind of hard to hunt for clues & pick emojis at the same time.” For a show with a text messaging foe, they’re calling out excessive phone use fairly frequently.

Of course, Emily is a stage 5 clinger, so she soon ditches Aria at the rest stop/junk place. (She basically dates every girl she spends any time with that isn’t one of her best friends. Also, I think some of them are straight, until Emily, so HUH.) As Emily decides to head out, photographer-dude offers to give Aria a ride home later so she can stay and “look” for her “tripod” (cool excuse). She says, “How could I say no?” when he asks and, to my television, I say: “Like this: ‘no'” because, seriously, actual girls (not just characters named Aria): Get good at saying no. And get good at saying no without apologizing or giving a reason. NO IS ENOUGH.

Pretty Little Liars, Tennis Ball Wig Never ForgetWhile Aria’s there, we get a TINY WIG SIGHTING! The wig has ditched the tennis ball and now it’s on a doll Aria previously moodily photographed. And that doll is stabbed through the eye. Subtle message much, ‘A’?

While Emily is off trying to hook up with Bunker-Sarah, the other three girls go to a lab to ~investigate things~ and Spencer ends up feeding an irritated lab raccoon Hanna’s dinner-Cheetos. Also, they figure out ‘A’ microchipped them while they were unconscious in the bunker. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN.

Only three more episodes until we see ‘A’… I think!

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