I’m living in Dallas, Texas, and I’m currently:

  • a freelance writer. I mostly write about tech and customer support, and sometimes romance novels. I post writing clips (and can be reached for potential writing or social media work) on
  • I also work at A Book Apart, the indie book publisher for people who make the web. I write the newsletter and blog, plus run the social media.
  • And I’m also currently the Event Coordinator for Support Driven’s Leadership Summit this October.
  • (Basically I have several jobs instead of the one I used to have at Automattic.)

I also host a podcast called Hey, Bestie with my BFF, and am almost done renovating a house built in 1960 and previously never updated. I blog here on, I tweet daily (@sarahblackstock), and I’m also @sarahblackstock on Instagram.See more /now pages here.