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Master Bathroom: Deadline April 19

You may have noticed I’m in the middle of a bathroom remodel. Well, “middle” in the sense that it’s ongoing, but not quite “middle” as in we’re halfway done… unless it being fully demolished counts as halfway, since now we just have to put it all back together. šŸ˜‰

I mentioned my remodeling anxiety earlier in the month and sadly, it’s still here. It bugged me so much last night that I accidentally passed it over to the husband too. He was out of bed measuring to verify we hadn’t forgotten to leave enough space for the toilet paper holder at midnight. Oops. (Although, I’m fully willing to admit it was nice to have someone else worrying with me, instead of just me agonizing over all of the details whileĀ overseeing the appointment scheduling and estimate getting.)

2" black hex tile by MerolaSpeaking of plans and details,Ā in a possibly surprising turn of events, we’ve decided to go with 2″ matte black hex tile for the floor. (Sort of like this, but not penny rounds.)

So, it’s happening! The demo is done as of today, the tile plan and order will be finalizedĀ this week, the rough-in on the new plumbing is scheduled for next week, the electrical will follow, and then the walls and tiling, then the finishing touches andĀ done! (Somewhere in there a city inspector will be out a few times to check things along the way, so cross your fingers that those go well and don’t cause any big delays.)

And our deadline is April 19 because we’ve got four family members arriving from The Netherlands on April 20 to stay with us for a few weeks and we are not going to be stuck all sharing the hallway bathroom!

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