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Master Bathroom: Before

Since we’ve officially started ripping apart the master bathroom and gotten the permit from the city to keep things legal, it’s time to share some before photos so you’ll be sufficiently awed once it’s done. So, here it is:

It’s about 5’3″ by x about 8′ and used to have doors to both the master bathroom and our office, which almost collided when both were open. (Basically: yikes!) We’ve already closed off the door into the office, which was an instant improvement, and we’re adding in the square footage of a hallway closet to make it bigger. It’ll be closer to 5’3″ x 11′ when we’re done. All of the extra space will go to the shower, which leaves the whole current bathroom for the vanity and the toilet, making everything much less squished.

We haven’t used this bathroom at all since we moved in because the hallway bathroom is larger and in better shape (although it’s also still mostly original too). The shower in this one is very tiny. (See that little white stall to the right of the toilet? That’s the entire shower and that picture was taken with me backing up against the vanity as far as I could.) Also the sink pipes dripped and it didn’t have a vent for any circulation at all so it just sort of smelled like a 56-year-old bathroom in there. We’ve kept the door firmly closed and mostly ignored it for the past year and a half… until now!

Plans, details, and progress coming soon. 😀