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Living Room Progress: Bye Walls!

As promised, we’re in full living room demo mode this weekend. We spent Friday night emptying the room out so there won’t be any furniture in the way while we work.

Living Room demo prep

So now we’ve got two living rooms worth of furniture in one living room. It’s a bit cramped, but we’ve got paths to each doorway and the faux-sectional we created out of necessity with our two separate couches has made us sure we want a sectional in the other living room. So much lounging!

temporary Living Room

And then today, this happened:

Living Room paneling off

We rolled out Ram Board and taped it down to protect our wood floors, put on some protective goggles, and grabbed our pry bars. Bye, wood paneling!

Our paneling only had studs behind it, so it wasn’t that difficult to remove once we got it going. The ceiling beams were a bit tougher. They were made of different layers of solid wood wrapped around other wood and the pieces were long and heavy. Luckily, Husband is tall enough that he could easily reach them without needing a step stool of any kind, so he had stable footing to help him out as he ripped them from the ceiling. I stood under them with my hands in the air trying to keep pieces from bouncing off my head. (Note to self: Consider a hard hat next time!)

The toughest job of the weekend was removing the built-ins that surrounded the fireplace. They were made up of layer after layer of solid wood, attached to other pieces of solid wood, and had big mirrors lining the back. We used up a ton of tape trying to protect ourselves from the mirrors breaking on us and used big suction cups to yank them out, then we bought a saw to cut the wood into pieces and remove it in chunks. It took us a few hours to finish both and was pretty exhausting. But we did it! And the mirrors didn’t even break!

Next: We’ve hired an electrician to come re-do all of the switches, plugs, light fixtures, and wiring. The original wiring has been there since 1960 and is frayed, and some newer wiring was installed sometime after that by someone who didn’t seem to care much for doing it properly. We’re happy to be starting fresh! And we’ve got an appointment soon to move the air conditioning vents from the walls to the ceiling so they’ll fade into the background a bit better.

And psst… If you’re a numbers nerd, I’m tracking every penny we spend and will share the details once the room is done, so check back!

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