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Living Room: Painting brick & a bright new sofa!

Remember when I showed you the wood paneling that made up my living room walls, and then when that was ripped off, and later when there was sheetrock up and white paint on the new walls?

Well, we’re moving onto the next steps! Finally! We took a break for a few weeks there to go to Europe on our annual visit family & see some stuff vacation, so there was a bit of a long pause. (Still more trip details & photos forthcoming!)


We’re picking out the paint color for the brick fireplace right now:

Paint options for our brick fireplace
(Paint swatch photo from my Instagram here)

We’re leaning toward the bottom option right now. It’s warm enough to work well with the warm white on the walls, looks good next to our dark wood floors, and I think it’ll work with the stain we’ve picked out for the mantel. We still need to check the swatches next to the rug (which has a lot of a darker grey in it) to be sure.

Tomorrow the bookcase builder is stopping by to finalize some details so those can be made and installed soon. They’re going where the old built-ins were and will fill the wall space on either side of the fireplace. They’ll be painted white, which will be a nice contrast to whatever grey we end up putting on the brick.

And at some point after that, our new sectional will arrive. We ordered it a few days ago and it’s estimated to take 5-9 weeks to be made. We’ll see how that goes. (Maybe we’ll get lucky & it’ll be done early? I want it here, like, yesterday.)

Because look!

Our new sectional and fabric swatch

We ordered an L-shaped sectional in TEAL. So fun! The room only has one window (a sliding glass door), so previously it’s been a bit dark… Not anymore! White walls & a teal sofa are changing that room’s life. Also, this thing is so comfortable, the back is tall enough that my very tall husband (6’6″) won’t hang over the top and squish the top cushions down into annoying lumps, annnnnnd we can both stretch out fully on it at one time. Can’t wait!

After pics coming… sometime! We’re working on it. 😉

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