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Living Room: Paint meets fireplace

We primed the living room’s brick fireplace tonight after work, y’all! Look:

Brick fireplace primed

We’ve still got to the get actual paint color on there (the bottom gray shown here), but whew, just seeing the primer on there makes for such a nice change.

Also, let me just say: Painting brick is not very fun and requires way more dabbing with a paint brush than I anticipated. I imaged much more roller-only action than what actually happened for some reason, so getting that layer up there feels like an accomplishment and now I just have to convince myself to do it one or two more times with the paint.

Here’s a reminder of what it looked like before the renovations started:

Living Room demo prep

Such an improvement! 😀

So now picture the white bricks painted light gray and install some built-in bookcases with your mind and you know what it’s going to look like. 😉

Custom teal sectional is on order! Bookcases are being built! The end is near…ish.

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