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Charlie & the Pretty Little Liars [S06E03]

After last week’s MRA Alert (because hahahaha!), this week’s episode was sort of a letdown. I mean, yes they saw the name Charles DiLaurentis down in the creepy bunker and we need to know who that is… but does it really require this much time to tell us? Sure, we wait & wait & wait for the big ‘A’ reveal (for SEASONS!) but come on.

Why is Alison’s dad so crappy that he lied about Charles existing and apparently convinced Jason that he’d imagined him as a kid? These girls are being attacked, stalked, and harrassed for YEARS and Daddy DiLaurentis is all about keeping the family secrets instead of helping them out?


Annoyed eyeroll gif

My favorite line of the episode:

“It’s made up of facts… that doesn’t make it true.”

Oh, Spencer, you’re always such a dramatic brain. (ILY.) Also, this reminds me of how I craftily worded a reply to my mom the other day to avoid lying to her while also avoiding selling my sister out on something. Facts and truth aren’t precisely the same thing. Good catch, Spencer.

This episode was sort of a snooze because:

  • Where was Caleb?
  • Aria stood in her room taking photos of her stuff to remind us she’s artsy.
  • Alison’s dad is a jerk/liar and he shouldn’t make us wait so long for information that’s obviously going to come out.

You better step it up next week, PLL!

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