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Keep Dallas in your thoughts.

Watching video of a mass shooting in your own city is strange and sad and difficult. Keep Dallas, and the DPD, and everyone who was at the protest in your thoughts. (The Dallas Morning News is providing fantastic coverage, with an understanding of the city often not found in national media, if you need an update.) Let’s also try to remember the protest before the shooting. It was peaceful and had the support of the police department. Demonstration in #Dallas @ Belo Garden Park — Dallas Police Depart (@DallasPD) July 8, 2016 And remember: This is from 2014, but is so incredibly relevant today. I miss Jon Stewart's Daily Show. This is how I feel. #Dallas — David Thomas (@NOTDavidThomas) July 8, 2016 I know there are police officers doing good work every day, including many in Dallas, where Chief Brown has turned the department toward community policing and deescalation over the past few years. And I appreciate them. But that doesn’t make those who aren’t doing the right thing less deserving of being held accountable. …

Trubama: I ship it.

Did you catch Canada’s Prime Minster Trudeau making the rounds with President Obama yesterday? They held a joint press conference that’s worth checking out: Because I mean, it’s this guy: Later in the day, they got dressed up for a State Dinner (and look at Michelle!): And that’s when the Internet noticed their friendly relationship and #Trubama happened: At the State Dinner they took turns giving toasts full of friendship and gentle ribbing and adorable smiles: For more that will make you want to do heart eyes at PM Trudeau: 5 Reasons To Love Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau (ThinkProgress).

Best Picture: Spotlight

I’m a bit of a Ruffalo-head. (Wait, is there a nickname for fans of Mark Ruffalo like the Chris Pine Pine-nuts?) Anyway! I like Mark Ruffalo. In movies & probably in real life… he just seems like a solid guy. (Into activism, cares about people, and also he was great in 13 Going on 30.) He plays an investigative journalist in Spotlight, which just won Best Picture at the Oscars, and you should watch the trailer so it will convince you to watch the whole movie if you haven’t yet. It’s about a team of journalists (real ones!) who broke the big story on the sex abuse scandals throughout the Catholic Church. They did important work, and there’s still a ways to go with the story… It’s an important movie and it was really well done, so I’m glad it won and I hope it helps move the cause forward.

Paris, November 13

My heart hurts for France. If you’re looking for updates on today’s terror attacks in Paris, other than Twitter (which is my favorite for times when I want lots of info very fast), I suggest the Guardian’s liveblog, this Reddit page, and France 24’s livefeed (in English). Also, maybe ditch CNN and give the BBC and Al Jazeera America a try. I was glued to all of those for hours but am taking a break for pizza and ice cream and fictional television now. You know the world is in a dark place when you’re watching Homeland to relax and take a break from the news. Stay safe and take care of yourselves.

Syrians Refugees & Our Failure

The images I’ve seen documenting the massive number of Syrians seeking refuge in Europe are heartbreaking and I hope they’re able to find a safe place soon. Somewhere, somehow. We’ve been watching tragedy in Syria for too long to not have expected this. Graffiti on German train. Unknown artist. — Marc Krupanski (@PolicingWatch) September 4, 2015 Read about what’s going on: Quick facts: What you need to know about the Syria crisis (Mercy Corps) Exodus of Syrians Highlights Political Failure of the West (NYT) The ticking time bomb of Syrian refugees (Al Jazeera) Migrants Fleeing Hungary Start a Long March Toward Germany (NYT) Syrian refugee crisis: why has it become so bad? (The Guardian)