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The Women of Automattic

Remember the big company photo I shared the other day? Well, here’s one with just the women! So proud to know (and be in!) this group of fantastic, smart, awesome people!

Women of Automattic at Grand Meetup 2015
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Diversity & Tech, Twitter-style

If you pay any attention to the tech world, you know there’s a diversity problem, so seeing the big tech companies share their stats and set goals to do better is awesome.

See: We’re committing to a more diverse Twitter

Love & appreciate this part: “We want the makeup of our company to reflect the vast range of people who use Twitter.”

34% of Twitter employees are women, but they only take up 13% of the tech positions, and the race makeup isn’t better, so clearly there’s work to do, and I’m glad to see them working on it, especially since I love Twitter.

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My Trial at Automattic in Gifs

I wrote on a private blog during my trial as Happiness Engineer at Automattic for myself, and also to provide the weekly observations my Trial Leads requested I share with them.

I’ll write more about Automattic’s hiring process in the future, but for now, here are the gifs I used in my observation posts. They pretty much sum up what it was like and are great to look back on now that it’s over (and it turned out well).


When I tried live chat for the first time:
I'm Fine Internally Screaming gif

By the end of my first week in live chat / after reading about some stalling techniques to make it easier to manage:
Tom Hanks You've Got Mail gif

During the third week when I started really feeling the exhaustion of working 65+ hours/week (40 at my job + over 20 on my trial):
Breathing Into a Paper Bag gif

Week four, when I figured my trial would end soon one way or another I wavered between being worried about getting a message from my Trial Leads:
Cat Peeking gif

And also really wanting to get a great message from my Trial Leads:
Give It To Me gif

Week five, when I realized I’d learned so much & loved the job:
New Girl Jess Raise the Roof gif

And when I decided I’d done my best work & that was all I could do:
Jon Snow I'm Ready gif
(Not to be dramatic, or anything. Haha.)

A few days after I submitted my last observation (which contained the last two gifs), I found out I’d made it to the final step in the hiring process. 😀

However difficult it appears to be by those gifs, I highly recommend it.

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Are you following #talkpay on Twitter?

Lauren Voswinkel is a senior software developer who lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and she wants everyone to know that she earns $122,000 a year.

This May Day, the international day of workers, Voswinkel is encouraging everyone to share their job title and salary on Twitter using the hashtag #talkpay.

Read more: #talkpay: can America’s wage inequality be solved by sharing our salaries online?

Then check out #talkpay on Twitter & see all the data! Wages have been stagnant in the U.S. for 40+ years and one way we can work on fixing that is with transparency. (Buffer gets it.)

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First Official Day at Automattic

Today is my first official day at Automattic working as a Happiness Engineer for! 🎉

I don’t feel totally brand new, since I worked for actual money during my trial period, and I’ve been lurking around my new team’s Slack channels for weeks while I waited to officially start, but STILL.

TODAY! IS! THE! DAY! Wish me luck!

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To Watch: The Queen Of Code

Grace Hopper was a rear admiral in the U.S. Navy and “headed the team that created the first compiler, which led to the creation of COBOL, a programming language that by the year 2000 accounted for 70 percent of all actively used code.”

FiveThirtyEight’s film, The Queen of Code, tells her story.

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To Read: What’s Holding Women Back

“A sizable percentage of senior leaders agree, with nearly one-third of senior leaders… believing that a woman would never achieve a top position at their company, no matter how able or high-performing.”

Disappointing and frustrating and so much more…

Read more: What’s Holding Women Back in Science and Technology Industries in the Harvard Business Review.