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Boo @ Today

I drove a U-Haul full of furniture I’m giving my sister from Dallas to Houston today. The drive normally takes about four hours with a stop, but today? SEVEN HOURS. It rained constantly & we inched past NINE accidents.

So basically, this is me right now:

Nope gif

Fuck this fuck that cat gif

fall face down gif

(Although it was at least not totally terrible since my sister was riding along with me so we could chat… still, we were tired & hungry & would’ve rather been hanging out at my house or hers.)

Tomorrow I fly back to Dallas! 😀

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Houston is upping its public transit game

“One of the most radical experiments in American public transportation is being conducted right now in Houston.”

I was born in Houston and grew up in a suburb nearby. It’s a vast, sprawling car city, so hearing about this update to the Metro bus system was a welcome surprise. Houston is a better city than it often gets credit for being and a well-organized public transit system will only make it, and the lives of its many inhabitants, better.

“Under a new plan, more than a million people are within a half-mile walk of a high-frequency bus stop in Houston.”

“Houston’s public transit agency, Metro, has redrawn its entire system—a route-by-route makeover that is intended to dramatically increase access and ridership.”

This is great! Read the rest on The Daily Beast: Why Buses Are the Saviors of Our Most Car-Crazy Cities