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Keep Dallas in your thoughts.

Watching video of a mass shooting in your own city is strange and sad and difficult. Keep Dallas, and the DPD, and everyone who was at the protest in your thoughts. (The Dallas Morning News is providing fantastic coverage, with an understanding of the city often not found in national media, if you need an update.) Let’s also try to remember the protest before the shooting. It was peaceful and had the support of the police department. Demonstration in #Dallas @ Belo Garden Park — Dallas Police Depart (@DallasPD) July 8, 2016 And remember: This is from 2014, but is so incredibly relevant today. I miss Jon Stewart's Daily Show. This is how I feel. #Dallas — David Thomas (@NOTDavidThomas) July 8, 2016 I know there are police officers doing good work every day, including many in Dallas, where Chief Brown has turned the department toward community policing and deescalation over the past few years. And I appreciate them. But that doesn’t make those who aren’t doing the right thing less deserving of being held accountable. …

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you’ve had a lovely Valentine’s Day, whether that means celebrating it with someone, letting it pass like any other day (which is mostly my style), or reminding yourself why it’s better to be single than in a crappy relationship. My sister surprised me with the heart pictured above in the mail (plus a cute panda bank and a book). And my husband surprised me with treats from my favorite local bakery, Haute Sweets Patisserie. My BFF sent me a Virginia Woolf t-shirt plus the print and stickers below. And these Red Velvet Macarons were seriously delicious.

North Texas Tornadoes

Started getting these alerts & heard the tornado sirens right when I was about to order a pizza. 😭 #dallas #howrude A post shared by Sarah Blackstock (@sarahblackstock) on Dec 26, 2015 at 4:45pm PST Right around the time we decided to take a break from playing Don’t Starve Together and order pizza, we started getting tornado warnings for our area. And then we spent a while watching out the window and listening to the news. But then the tornado sirens went off for a long time, so we hung out in the hallway (near the tornado closet, which is mostly empty except for a big pack of paper towels and a few coats) until things passed. The path of the storm (and subsequent tornado) shifted slightly east and skimmed past east Dallas where we live. It was big! And stayed on the ground for at least 25 minutes. I should’ve known humid 70 degree weather on Christmas would mean something like this would happen. And sadly at least five people died in a town that’s just …

Dallasmattician Christmas Dinner

I met Marjorie and Eric, the two other local-ish Automatticians, (with families) tonight in Carrollton at Babe’s Chicken Dinner House for our first annual Dallasmattician Christmas Dinner. Babe’s serves family-style, unlimited fried chicken & sides, and I ate way too many biscuits. I really love that Automattic supports our local holiday gatherings, since the whole company can’t hang out for a holiday party because we’re distributed all over the world. This is the first place I’ve worked where I’d actually not even hesitate to go to the Christmas party, so this is a nice treat since that’s not possible. 😀

Boo @ Today

I drove a U-Haul full of furniture I’m giving my sister from Dallas to Houston today. The drive normally takes about four hours with a stop, but today? SEVEN HOURS. It rained constantly & we inched past NINE accidents. So basically, this is me right now: (Although it was at least not totally terrible since my sister was riding along with me so we could chat… still, we were tired & hungry & would’ve rather been hanging out at my house or hers.) Tomorrow I fly back to Dallas! 😀

Small Business Saturday

I made sure to spend my money at a few local favorites today for Small Business Saturday (#shopsmall). I grabbed sewing supplies for some upcoming projects at Urban Spools, the sewing lounge where I’ve been taking classes, then ate pizza from Atomic Pie and ice cream from Lake Highlands Creamery. Northeast/East Dallas is full of great local businesses, with the benefit of easy parking and less traffic than some of the more obvious cool spots in town.

Burger BFF

My BFF is visiting from Austin for a few days, so of course that means a whole lot of talking, lounging, and eating extra-delicious food. We went out for my favorite local pizza (Cane Rosso) right after I got her from the airport, and tonight we went to Liberty Burger for The Nooner: It has hashbrowns on it! And an egg! OMG it’s so good! And tomorrow before she leaves we’re hitting the amazing BBQ place nearby (One90) and my favorite bakery (Haute Sweets Patisserie) that’s right next door. After I drop her off at the airport tomorrow afternoon, I’ll try to remember what a vegetable is again. Promise. 😉