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Small Business Saturday

I made sure to spend my money at a few local favorites today for Small Business Saturday (#shopsmall). I grabbed sewing supplies for some upcoming projects at Urban Spools, the sewing lounge where I’ve been taking classes, then ate pizza from Atomic Pie and ice cream from Lake Highlands Creamery. Northeast/East Dallas is full of great local businesses, with the benefit of easy parking and less traffic than some of the more obvious cool spots in town.


I took today off work to give myself a chance to catch up a bunch of errands that had been piling up and were starting to stress me out. For example, I shipped out about $500 worth in returns to Zappos. (I have very specific shoe needs.) I’veย paid for those charges on my credit cardย (since I pay the full balance each month), so it’ll be nice to get that money back soon and I feel better already. Other than necessary, but boring, errands I also went to my second sewing lesson (remember the pillow!) and made a zipper pouch today (photo to come). Once I finished everything on my list, I ate my favorite taco at Torchy’s & then I went to Target. And oops: I found some stuff. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I love the Feminist Sticker Club.

I joined the Feminist Sticker Club a while back and I’m loving the stickers that surprise me in the mail every few weeks. For $2.50/month, it’s fun & the stickers are great quality. This month’s two stickers on equal pay are especially well-timed, since we hit the day of the year earlier this week that meansย women are essentially working for free for the remainder of the year due to the wage gap.

โค๏ธ my “Camping” Shorts

Until two summers ago, I hadn’t worn shorts in yeaaaaars. I’m not very summer-outdoorsy (It gets VERY HOT here!) & I was in a major dress phase, so that’s how it worked out for a while. Then, on a whim, I grabbed a pair from Old Navy to try out and this happened: (They were olive green, so maybe that contributed to his very rude interpretation, but STILL.) This summer, I’ve ONLY worn shorts. The other day I decided against a restaurant because I thought I’d have to change into something dressier. (It’s hot and my legs will not be contained!) In my third summer of being a shorts convert/enthusiast I’ve gotten a nice collection going: I also love shorts because they’re super fast to fold and there’s a spot on a shelf in my closet just for them. Shorts Pro Tip: Old Navy shorts are fine for the price, but the bottom cuffs tend to flip & crease and would like you to iron them. I don’t iron anything ever, so I deal with …