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Veronica Mars: Iconic Feminist Show and Girl Detective

Veronica Mars: Iconic Feminist Show and Teen Girl Detective

Veronica Mars is one of my favorite television shows, and the title character is a fantastic depiction of a smart, vulnerable, brave, fallible young woman. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend setting aside some time and watching the entire series. (If you’ve got Amazon Prime, it’s available for free there right now or it’s less than $20 per season.) Below I analyze a few episodes from the first season of Veronica Mars, in relation to feminist theory (and just because I love it). About the show In Veronica Mars, the main character, Veronica, attends school while moonlighting as a private investigator. (If you haven’t seen it yet, you may want to come back later, unless you’re one of those people who love spoilers.) Set in a fictional, affluent town called Neptune, California, Veronica Mars frequently covers issues of race and class division, and feminism is addressed through the struggles and triumphs of Veronica and her friends. Veronica is a cute, blonde, white girl from California who viewers may assume is more surfer girl or spoiled brat at first, …

Watch The Mindy Project ASAP

Friends, have you subscribed to Hulu so you can watch The Mindy Project? If not? WHY? Because I canceled my account about two years ago, in a cable-login-required fury (nevermind that I have cable, it was the principle of the thing!) and only got it back when Mindy made the switch to Hulu-only. That annoyed me at first, but watching this one show is worth it, to be honest. (And I even pay for the no commercials upgrade. ILY, Mindy Kaling.) What I’m saying is: The Mindy Project is worth the monthly price of Hulu all on its own. And then you can also watch other stuff if you feel like it. But really just watch Mindy: "Did you kidnap me? This is an Amber Alert!" "Oh, come on. That's for cute little blonde girls. It's not for you." ❤ #TheMindyProject — Sarah Blackstock (@sarahblackstock) January 22, 2014 Mindy's brother to her: "In terms of entitlement and personality, you're the whitest man I know." HAHAHA. ❤ #TheMindyProject — Sarah Blackstock (@sarahblackstock) February 19, 2015 "Will …

Last Week Tonight on Congressional Fundraising

Last Week Tonight on Congressional Fundraising

Last Week Tonight continues to do important work. In case I haven’t mentioned it enough times for you to remember that and/or you don’t have HBO and you keep forgetting to subscribe to their YouTube channel, HERE: All together now: WTF?! As a total government nerd (degree in it and all), I knew this, but seeing it in this neat little package was a nice reminder and I like that it’s information that can easily be shared with others. (Share it.) We’ve got a problem, y’all, and our government needs fixing.

The Walking Dead: Well, that was a finale.

After all season waiting, waiting, waiting for Negan to appear, tonight it finally happened. WELCOME NEGAN AND LUCILLE. #TWDFinale #TheWalkingDead — Fangirlish (@fangirlishness) April 4, 2016 And basically this is me now: Because, yikes! The traps along the road and leading them to where they’d eventually meet him built it up just right. And whew, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a delight, even as a charming psycho with a barbed wire bat. (I’ve been a fan since he was Denny in season two of Grey’s Anatomy and have loved him in everything I’ve seen him in since. He’s just got it.) And let’s be honest, if we’d been following Negan this whole time and it was Rick’s group of strangers coming after him suddenly, we’d think Rick is the bad guy. (And isn’t he? They stabbed those people in the face while they were sleeping the other day!) Looking forward to next season. WHO DID HE PICK?!

Outlander Countdown

Season two of Outlander premieres on April 9! If you haven’t seen any of it yet, you should. It’s interesting, and epic, and captures the female gaze in a fresh, feminist way. Right from episode one… you’ll feel the difference and it only builds from there. (Also, the water mill scene from season one will make you, uh, fan yourself and text your BFF the eyeballs emoji.)