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Obama and Biden walk the White House lawn

Biden Says Let’s Keep Marching

One of the things I’ll miss most about President Obama being in office is the obvious friendship, brotherhood, and admiration that exists between Obama and Biden. Vice President Biden shared this today: For eight years, I’ve had the privilege to stand with my friend and brother, to fight alongside him to make sure every single American has a chance to get ahead. I really mean it when I say Barack is one of the finest presidents we have ever had…. I’ve been so proud to stand side-by-side with Barack on our march toward a more perfect union. Let’s keep marching. Read the entire lovefest on his Facebook page here.

Justice Sotomayor is Right.

When I saw the news of Alton Sterling being killed by police last night, I was reminded of a dissent I’d recently read by Justice Sotomayor. I have a feeling the story the police give about why they approached Sterling, and why deadly force was used and is okay, will not being something with which I agree. Extrajudicial execution is NOT OKAY and it’s against what we’re supposed to stand for as Americans. Each time, this is heartbreaking, for every victim of this kind of treatment by police, and every black person who watches these things happen over and over and feels hurt, less welcome, less cared for, and that they are treated as less than fully American. It breaks my heart, and I’m watching from the view of being white. I can only imagine what it feels like from the other side, and it’s too much. And I know there are police officers out there every day not doing these horrible things, but even when acting within the law, our punishments have gotten out of control. Expecting citizens to be okay …

Last Week Tonight on Congressional Fundraising

Last Week Tonight on Congressional Fundraising

Last Week Tonight continues to do important work. In case I haven’t mentioned it enough times for you to remember that and/or you don’t have HBO and you keep forgetting to subscribe to their YouTube channel, HERE: All together now: WTF?! As a total government nerd (degree in it and all), I knew this, but seeing it in this neat little package was a nice reminder and I like that it’s information that can easily be shared with others. (Share it.) We’ve got a problem, y’all, and our government needs fixing.

A Trumpdate (Sorry)

This is hilarious and awkward and very amusing to me: The amazing story of Donald Trump’s old spokesman, John Barron — who was actually Donald Trump himself. In the 1980s, when reporters called the Trump Organization to request an interview with the boss, they were sometimes referred to a spokesman, instead. That a busy and image-conscious executive such as Donald Trump would place a buffer between himself and the media was hardly unusual, but there was a twist: The spokesman, John Barron, was actually Trump, hiding behind a fake name. Also, this by Nora Ephron on Trump from back in 1989 is interesting and informative, considering: Here is what interests me about Donald Trump: He wants to be famous. He wants people to talk about him. He wants people to notice him. He wants people to write about him. He wants people to ask him for autographs and recognize him and invade his privacy; not that he seems to have any privacy; he doesn’t even seem to have a single solitary thought he manages to …

Trubama: I ship it.

Did you catch Canada’s Prime Minster Trudeau making the rounds with President Obama yesterday? They held a joint press conference that’s worth checking out: Because I mean, it’s this guy: Later in the day, they got dressed up for a State Dinner (and look at Michelle!): And that’s when the Internet noticed their friendly relationship and #Trubama happened: At the State Dinner they took turns giving toasts full of friendship and gentle ribbing and adorable smiles: For more that will make you want to do heart eyes at PM Trudeau: 5 Reasons To Love Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau (ThinkProgress).

Foreign Policy 101

This presidential primary hasn’t seemed to have spent enough time talking about the candidates and foreign policy as far as I can tell, and that’s a really key part of what a president does. Crash Course is great at explaining why it’s really important.