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Your Yoga Valentine

Adriene’s channel is my favorite yoga spot on the web, and this Yoga For Love session is perfect for Valentine’s Day weekend. Take a break sometime soon and practice self care. (More ideas for how to do that here.) It’ll make you feel better. Promise.

Ideas for Self-Care

As I mentioned yesterday, I took the day off to rest up and recover after WCUS, and spent the day snacking/gaming/reading/watching TV. It was excellent and so needed. Working remotely can make it easy to ignore certain needs, because you don’t have to drag yourself to an office and can stay home all day — And isn’t that relaxing enough? And sure, it is a lot of the time, but not always & a break for work can be good for anyone. Since I’m a firm believer in taking care of yourself (so that you can be happy & have the energy to take care of others), I’ve compiled a bunch of ideas for self-care to hopefully inspire you to do a few (and inspire some more ideas for your own personal list). If you want to stay in your house: get comfortable & listen to an audiobook read for pleasure (I’ve got some recs here – try romance!) take a late night bath by candlelight prepare an elaborate, delicious meal for yourself keep a journal of lists of …

I’m a planner, so: Advance Directives

Since I recently discovered my sister is apparently going to need some paperwork to handle things if my husband isn’t able (see: here), this video on Advance Directives from Healthcare Triage is perfectly timed. Mortality isn’t easy to think about, maybe especially as an atheist, but being prepared and making things easier on loved ones is important, so I’m trying.