Sims Weekend

sims hide from everyone
He walked in on someone in the bathroom and is hiding in bed in shame now.

I really struggled getting through work on Friday because I couldn’t help but watch the updates on what was going on around my city, after the mass shooting the night before. I cried about twelve times and basically felt stressed and sad and ready to check out for a while.

Sometimes you just need to hide from the world for a weekend so I spent much the past two days hiding in The Sims 4. It had been months since I’d played at all, and it was a really nice way to escape and reset a bit. Plus, I played at a desk that’s directly next to my husband’s desk, so we got lots of easy, hangout time. (And watching over his shoulder made me want to get back into my Fallout 4 game again.)

I restarted my Sims world and didn’t want to spend forever making people (because let’s be honest, I was going to spend forever on the houses), so I grabbed some people made by other players and ended up with these great Pretty Little Liars characters:

sims pretty little liars

I mean, LOOK AT THEM. They look even more accurate in the game when they’re moving around and their personalities fit the characters perfectly. So weird/fun/nerdy!

Once I played them for a while, I was hooked on finding characters I’d “know” to add to my town, and ended up with these women too. Can you guess who they are?


It’s Taylor Swift, Anne Hathaway, Beyoncé, and Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

And she’s not in my game (yet?) but look!

sims angelina jolie

Angelina Jolie! I feel like I don’t even have to put the name here because there’s no way you didn’t recognize her.

So, that was my weekend. I’m feeling much better and ready to tackle tomorrow.

(Also, I swear there are dudes in my Sims town, but I’ll be honest and say not that many. I did add a Cumberbatch Sherlock though!)

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Merry Christmas!

Christmas snacks and Bob's Burgers comic book

We stayed in Dallas this year for Christmas, and since neither of us have any family here, we spent our holiday at home playing games, eating snacks, reading, and relaxing.

Don't Starve Together on Christmas

We’ve spent about nine hours playing Don’t Starve Together over the past two days because ooooops we got totally hooked and really, really want to figure out how to survive the winter and build a super awesome compound. (It’s well worth the $10-20 price tag.)

Filet Mignon for Christmas Dinner

And since our official Christmas Dinner was a two-person event, we had filet mignon with caramelized onions, baked potatoes, and brussels sprouts for dinner. It was delicious.

Hope you’ve had a lovely day too!

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Have You Died of Dysentery Lately?

If you’re of a certain age you read the subject line of this post and instantly knew exactly what I was talking about. Internet hero,, has over 2,000 MS-DOS games available to play online and (of course!) that includes The Oregon Trail. (YES! My inner 8-year-old is so excited to once again play & play & play until my entire family makes it to Oregon.)

But, you know what that means… First, Peep broke her leg.

Oregon Trail, Peep broke a leg

Then Biscuit got cholera.

Oregon Trail, Biscuit has cholera

And everything basically went to hell. (Spoiler Alert: Biscuit later died & Peep nearly drowned. Gertrude made it without incident though.)

Other awesome games available:

  • Leisure Suit Larry, the very first computer game I ever played! (In 1990! I was 8 & what a creepy first game! My mom had no idea what I was up to.)
  • Sim City, another game I played as a little kid (and still play!)… You can’t save, so it won’t have the longterm aspect it’s meant to, but I’m sure it’s simple enough by today’s standards that it won’t matter.
  • Donkey Kong! (Ah, memories!)
  • Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (I’ve been solving mysteries & loving girl-detectives for decades!)
  • SimAnt, the game where you play an ant colony! (It creeped me out as a kid.)
  • BurgerTime, which I had for the first Nintendo (and made me obsessed with making digital burgers).
  • And so, so, so many more. Go look! It’s awesome.

Gotta go! I’m off to caulk my wagon!


Happy Halloween!

Have a Spooky Halloween

We walked down the street to our friends’ house to play board games tonight. It’s really nice having friends so close that you can stand in your front yards and wave at each other (not that we do that).

We tried out Tsuro for the first time, and they hadn’t played Pandemic before. I recently got Pandemic Legacy, so now that they’ve tried out the regular version, we’ll tackle that one next. (The legacy is that the game permanently alters each time you play it.)

Playing Pandemic, a board game

Hope you had a great Halloween too!


My Animal Crossing Mom

Sometimes my “mom” on Animal Crossing: New Leaf sends me mail that tricks me into thinking my mom sent me a letter. (My mom also plays New Leaf, so for a minute it seems plausible, until I remember she can’t send letters through the game that way.)

Because this letter I got a few weeks ago is totally something my mom would text me (or “bubble” as she likes to say), since she forgets sometimes and sends letter-style texts:



Game Sales: Sims 4 & Life is Strange!

Sims 4 Get to WorkThere’s a sale on The Sims 4 on Origin. I’m not convinced I actually like to play it more than Sims 3 yet, but the Get to Work expansion does make me enjoy it a lot more. The newest base game loses a lot of the stuff that was fun in previous versions (as usual), so you need the expansions to really get anywhere fun (unless you just want to build houses & design people, because Sims 4 does that well on its own).

Life is Strange, the “Gone Home meets The Walking Dead with time travel” game I mentioned the other day, is on sale on Steam! I haven’t played it yet, but I grabbed all of the episodes and look forward to giving it a go soon.
Life is Strange promo


Life is Strange

I only just heard of Life is Strange the other day and oh duuuuude, I want to play. It’s basically a YA novel in game form, and I mean, “Gone Home meets The Walking Dead with time travel”….?!?!! YES PLEASE.

If you’ve played any of it yet, tell me right now. DO YOU LOVE IT SO MUCH?